Book Snippets, Draft 2, Part 1

Here, friends, is a snippet of the second draft of The Psychnomast. Enjoy.


See, I have this special ability—I can enter other people’s minds. I do it almost daily, in fact. I go to this school, the Federal Psychic Training Academy. We call it the FPTA, for short. At the FPTA, all the students learn how to use their respective Psychic powers, but we also help out other government agencies—the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA, to name a few—if they ever need our help, which they do, upon occasion.

Attending the FPTA, there are Psychics from both the Mental and Physical Triangles. The Mental Triangle is made up of telepaths, empaths, and hypnotists, the Psychics that deal with mind-to-mind activity. The Physical Triangle is telekinetics, pyrokinetics, and cryokinetics, who all have mind-to-matter abilities.

Oh, and me. I don’t really fit any of those categories. I suppose you could say I’m a combination of the Mental Triangle. I can do everything they can do, just in a slightly different style. I’m also unique in that I physically interact with the form of a person’s consciousness. Everyone else in the Mental Triangle is functionally working with one sense, hearing, and their ability to speak, whereas I have use of all five. I’ve taken the liberty of naming the forms of peoples’ consciousness “mindscapes.”

The Government is the one who named my actual ability, though, and they went with “Psychnomism.” A tad melodramatic, if you ask me, but no one did, so that’s what I’m stuck with. I’m the lone Psychnomast.

The FPTA is irritatingly careful with me. They used to hook me up to life support when I would use my power for an extended period, until I finally convinced them that I’m fine. The worst that’s ever happened is an awful headache, and sometimes I crash for a while.

I do love attending the FPTA, for the most part. Mr. Proditor, the boss and my cohort’s combat instructor, decided early on that he didn’t like me, which can be a drag sometimes, but other than that, life is pretty good. I get to use my power on a regular basis, and I use it for a purpose, which is, for the most part, very rewarding.

What I do is pretty complicated to explain, and I won’t bore you with the long science-y words all my teachers use to explain things. To put it simply, I can detach my consciousness from my own head and put it into someone else’s. Into their mindscape, which can take virtually any form, but, usually, that form is a reflection of their personality. From the mindscape, I can mess around with everything they’ve got going on in their heads. Memories, thoughts, consciousness, you name it. Also, though I’ve never done it, it is hypothetically possible for me to take control of motor functions. It is, also hypothetically, possible for me to completely shut down the brain, thus killing the person, from within their mindscape.

I would, obviously, never do that.

I think that’s enough background on how the Psychic world works.

This particular day, I was pulled out of my Civics class to help the police. I looked up from my reading—we were reading an article, “Bill Passed on Segregation Against Hypnotists in the Workplace”—to see Mr. Proditor, my combat instructor and headmaster, silently slipping into the room. He whispered something to Miss Johnson, who nodded, then he made his way to me. As he walked, I began packing up my things.

“Miss Evans, if you could come with me, we have an unexpected job for you today.”

I was out of my seat, bag slung over my shoulder and grin on my face, before he was finished speaking. Mr. Proditor led me through the familiar, tiled halls. We did take an unorthodox right towards the stairwell, though.

“Mr. Proditor?”


“Where are we going? I never have jobs downstairs.”

So, let me know what you think! Do you like the changes I’ve set up, do you not, why? Lemme know! 🙂

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