Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingle Jangle

I, my dear friends, am sick again.


So, drowning in an industrial pack of cough drops, warm salt-water gargles, and some seriously magical decongestants, I’m getting some writing done.

Silver lining, right?

I would also just like to point out that I’m killing this whole posting schedule thing. Granted, we’re only a week into it, but I haven’t buckled yet!

I’m also getting increasingly excited about going to Hawaii for Christmas. Sure, I don’t get my Christmas tree, and I’ll probably burn enough that, if I wear green, I’ll be my own Christmas colors, and my whole family’s going to be there.

Besides, I do like going places, and Hawaii is definitely “places.” I haven’t really done a lot of internet-ing to figure out cool things to see, but I inadvertently discovered something really cool:


It’s called Kaihalulu Bay. It is so cool! The iron content in the ground is so high that the sand is red. Pretty neat, huh? I totally want to see it. I googled it, but didn’t go very deep into details. I do know that it’s on Maui, though, so, depending how far it is from where we’re staying, I may get to see it.

Whether I see it or not, though, I’ll be sure to take pictures of anything especially cool and post them after we get back.

On a slightly related but kind of not note, I totally nailed Christmas shopping this year. I’d tell you what I got everyone, but, as we all know, most of my blog traffic is my friends and family, and we can’t have any spoilers.

“But, how are you guys doing presents this year? Are you just going to transport them all to Hawaii? Seems pretty inconvenient.”

I’m so glad you asked, convenient fictional blog reader!

Basically, here’s our plan: Mom and Dad are pretty much not doing presents this year, seeing as they’re paying for, you know, a trip to Hawaii. But Santa came and did stockings on December 6, which is Saint Nicholas’s day. Pretty clever of that Santa, huh?

As for the kids, we all pretty much give each other gifts every year. So we’re opening gifts from each other on Epiphany, which is the day the three wise men came. A gift on Epiphany has been a tradition for a couple years now, so we figured we’d just roll the sibling gift exchange into it and not have to worry about present transport.

Pretty smart, eh? Pretty much all Mom’s ideas.

So, I don’t know if you could tell, but I’m getting pretty excited for Christmas. It’s my very favorite time of the year, you know. Only seventeen days left, and only nine days until we leave.

And only six school days left! 😀

Uh, I mean, only six school days left. 😦

Our school’s Christmas Concert is the fifteenth, the Thursday before break. So, next Thursday. I think it’ll be pretty good.

I mean, obviously, we have some work to do, but I think it’ll be good.

I am vaguely worried about the songs I’m in. I’m on main vocals for one of them, and this freaking cold is seriously impeding my singing ability. My piano part on another also took a discouraging dive last rehearsal.

But I’m sure this cold will be a mere unpleasant memory by next Thursday, and the piano part’s gonna get fixed. It’s only three chords, after all, how long can it take me to fix that transition from G to D? Psh.

It’ll all be good. Christmas will be great.

I’m going to stop rambling at you and go continue to write now.

Stay merry, stay safe! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Hear Those Sleigh Bells Jingle Jangle

  1. Dearest, you know I have a spreadsheet for things to do in Hawaii, right? No, I’m not kidding. Of course the Malone household has a spreadsheet. We can’t vacation without them, you know this. We can totally add your rusty bay to it. (It looks cool, I agree)

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