The Hidden Ten

I am currently sitting in my room, newly decorated for Christmas. It feels me with a special joy. Also, Santana came to our house today, seeing as it’s Saint Nicholas’s Day, and we’re out of town on Christmas, so that was fun.

Anyway, about the hidden ten:

I was around nine or ten, and I had come by twenty dollars. In other words, I was loaded. I had this in two tens, however, and, sitting in my room, I had the most brilliant idea: why not save half of this fortune?

Being that I lacked a bank account and common sense, I decided that hiding one of my ten dollar bills somewhere in my room was the best course of action to carry out this plan.

So, I searched and searched my small room for a suitable hiding place.

I finally settled on behind my hanging mirror. I carefully maneuvered the cash behind that mirror so that it wouldn’t fall, then sat back and chuckled at my brilliance.

Now I had a stash for when candy funds were low!

Roughly two years passed, and, naturally, I forgot all about the ten dollar bill cleverly hidden behind my mirror.

All my life, I have passed in and out of a state of being flat-broke, because I have a serious spending problem. At age eleven, I found myself in this dilemma.

I passively thought up plans to make a little money, earning a couple dollars here and there.

One day, having been ordered to clean my room, I grudgingly did so. Now, as you know, my coordination and general agility aren’t overwhelming. So, while cleaning my room, I managed to lose my balance while crouching and I slammed into my wall.

The wall my mirror was hung on.

The thump was enough to make my mirror jump, and, to my surprise, something fell out from behind it.

I picked up, and it was a ten dollar bill. I looked at it, pleased, but momentarily puzzled.

Then, the memories of my nine-year-old escapades came rushing back. I was utterly grateful, but also disappointed in my lack of foresight. Of course I’d forget the hidden ten!

Obviously, I promptly spent the ten dollars.

By the way, guys, how do you like the Christmas decor for the blog? It’s the same as last year, so I’m thinking maybe I should change the header image to a different Christmas picture. Maybe change it every year. Thoughts?

Love you! Be safe, be happy! 🙂

(Also, if you aren’t already, feel free to follow the blog for more, like a post or two, and comment down below. I post Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.)


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