Something Old, Something Due, Something Different, Something New.

It’s been a minute since I posted, huh? My bad. Remember that schedule I keep promising is going to happen? Well, I’m doing it today. No more procrastination. I have a Microsoft Word page open as we speak to write it.

Anyway, news: I have a new keyboard! Which makes writing much easier. So, that’s nice. Youngest Brother is five now, Older Brother’s turning eighteen this week, I’m about ready for Christmas, and I’m working on a new, pretty huge project.

What is this “new, pretty huge project,” you ask? A script.

Right now, I’m thinking it’s just going to be a one-act–it fits better with the rest of what I want to do with said script, which I’m currently not going to tell you. But a one act works better with what I’m thinking than a full play, though I do think this script will become a full play someday. Whether or not it will ever meet the stage is another issue, but, that’s not the point.

This script I’m writing is an adaptation of Snow-White and Rose-Red, by our good friends the Grimm Brothers. If you’ve never read the fairytale, please do, it’s rather good, and not very long.

I’ve already started it, and I think it’ll turn out well. I’m kind of out of my element, I’ve never really written a script–one act or otherwise–before, but it’s a good change, I think. There’s a lot you can’t do in a script, though, which I’m trying to wrap my brain around.

You have to express everything through dialogue, which, though I love dialogue, is kind of difficult. You have to set a scene, but having a character go off on a long tangent about the atmosphere of the room gets boring really quick.

It’s some funky stuff.

I’m figuring it out, though, and I’ll keep you updated on how it goes. I’ll also be posting my posting schedule here soon, in a post and on my “about” page.

While we’re on the subject of changes, I want you to know that I won’t be putting my book on hold while I’m writing this script. It will still be worked on, I’ll just be working on the script and novel simultaneously, which, while a lot of work, I think will be good for me. Besides, I need a second draft of the book finished, so I can’t really afford to put it on pause.

Anyway, long story short, I’m writing up a storm, lots of things are happening, and you should be getting some security in the Blog-o-Sphere here pretty soon.

Stay happy, stay safe, stay smart! 🙂

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