I’m Back! Here’s What’s New.

I’m back! The iPad came back from the iPad doctor, and it’s all healthy and fixed now. I’ve been writing, which I shall keep you updated on, and I have a new and improved version of a story (that I’ve posted before) for you soon. So, looking forward to that!

Basic overview of my life since we last spoke: School has started, and it’s been pretty great so far. Voice lessons are back and fruitful, the Hamilton obsession is moving along with no signs of ceasing. I was cast in a show–Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat–I’m featured Ensemble, and that’s very fun.

Oh, and dance is back, too. Unfortunately, I’ve managed to injure my right foot, so that’s not been moving along as well as it could be. But I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, so hopefully it’ll heal right up. It’s not serious.

That seems to be about all. It’s all pretty tiring, what with the commute for both school and rehearsals for the play, but it’s a good kind of tiring. I’m still finding time to write, too, which is great, and exciting.

Still working on developing that schedule that should make my writing more structured and organized, and help figure out what you guys can expect on here and when-ish to expect it.

That’s about it! As always, I’ll be keeping you updated, and I shall post that new-and-improved story very soon.

Here, funny picture:


You can never lose with Rick Riordan.

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