Busy Weeks, Potential Progress

So! I have excuses. Lots of excuses, as per usual.

Firstly, my sister and her family visited for a week (last week), and I was hanging out with them and helping a bit. (Efforts which were generously rewarded by my sister and brother in law with the album for Hamilton, my latest and greatest obsession. I’ve listened to the soundtrack, like, eighty times, and I don’t think that’s even hyperbole talking. But I’m probably never going to see the play. *sob*)

Secondly, this week was Fair Prep week–during which we bake and craft and assemble things into neat li’l boxes so we can take them to the fair and enter ’em. Which is time consuming and tiring.

So, there. I definitely justified in not posting. (Sorta. Not really. Sorry, guys.)

In other news, whilst my sister was visiting, she finished and sent me the rough draft with her comments on it!

I read through them, and she and I talked over some definite hard-hitter changes that need to happen to improve the story. The baseline story should be able to remain pretty much the same (other than rewrites to improve quality, obviously), there are just some details involving setting, characters, and plot that need to be changed to make the story more cohesive and readable.

I have yet to draw up said “big” changes, but I’m working on it. “Working.” Yeah. It’ll happen, I swear, I have plans to actually work on that tomorrow, since I’m completely done with Fair stuff.

I’ll keep you up to date with how those things go. Maybe share some of the change-y things with you.

I am vaguely worried about a mutiny from a few of you, though, based on some of the changes concerning characters and their roles. But I’m sure you guys will understand that it’s for the sake of a. Better story.


Yeah, definitely.

Anyway! Things are happening, I’ll keep you up to date, Fair this Saturday, be awesome and happy!

Write at you next time, hooligans.

One thought on “Busy Weeks, Potential Progress

  1. I’M BACK! I’ve been reading all of your posts and loving them but have been that terrible blog reader who doesn’t comment. Needless to say, things have been crazy in my world and I haven’t felt like doing much writing or communicating. However, I just started a new blog and feel like I’m ready to get back into the blogging world. Just wanted to let you know that I still read and love your posts! Here’s my new blog if you want to take a look. Still small and being tinkered with but you know the drill! Happy to talk with you again! 🙂


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