Driving is … Interesting.

So I got my Learner’s Permit today.

We spent, in total, almost three hours at the DOL–but we got it.

And then I drove.

I know, I know, me? On the road? Insane.

I kind of agree.

All I did was right hand turns–which are, apparently, too wide, and will kill me if I go on a real road–and I almost took out a garbage can and kind of freaked out any time there was a person or several people. Forgot my turn signal once.

But, no one died, and driving is SLIGHTLY less scary. I start my Driver’s Ed class this Tuesday.

I’ll keep you updated on the dying or lack thereof. (“Hands higher on the wheel. Ten and two! TEN and TWO!”)

Anyway! I’m coming off the super-insomnia-and-energy-inducing pills soon! Which is good. Since I’m not sleeping. I mean, more so than usual.

In other news, it’s my Cousin Grace’s birthday today! Happy Birthday, Grace! 🎂😊

Also, now, Grace, I don’t pick favorites, you know that. But, if I did, which OBVIOUSLY I don’t … but, hypothetically, were I to pick favorites … you’d be up there. 😉

Mmmmkay! Business matters: Cobble Comment Story is in the making. Feel free to like, share, and comment on this post if it strikes your fancy to do so. (Or, you know, any other post. I’d welcome those actions on any other post, too.) Also, follow the blog if you want to receive emails every time I post! I have, very conveniently, showed you how to do that in a variety of places.

Be happy, be safe! 🙂

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