Puns Are Gorgeous Things

Okay, so I made this:


I think it’s a beautiful masterpiece of brilliance. I got the idea night before last and wrote it down on an envelope that, for some reason, was beside my bed. Then I drew it today. And I sent it to my group chat of girlfriends, and this is what happened:



“Face” is supposed to say “have,” just in case anyone’s confused. But then I drew this:


Then, when I sent THIS one, this happened:



Now all the puns are happening. It’s great. And I’m going to wait to post this until I have the picture my friend (with the dragon picture) is gonna draw of my idea, so I can put it in here, because it will almost certainly be cooler than mine.


Here’s my friend’s picture! Isn’t it awesome?

Art Credit: Scruffyisawesome on DeviantArt

See, this is why it’s nice to have friends with actual artistic ability.

(PS, Cobble Comments are closed. Story is in the works, look forward to that soon.)

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