Taking You Through The Blog

I’m not entirely sure why I’m doing this.

I don’t know when I’ll post this, but, for reference, I’m writing this while I’m still on those energy-enhancing steroids, and I’m sitting at my sticky-note covered desk wearing a tiara–so maybe that’ll explain something for you.

Maybe one or five of you are confused about what everything on this blog does, so I’m going to take you through all the shizzle and ‘splain the important stuff and what it does.

Fun, right? I dunno, but it’s happening, and it’s MY blog, so, there.

Here we go.


–Look! It’s the face of my blog. Just look at the beautiful picture. Crystallized ginger, don’t ya know. I feel like Most of that stuff is pretty self explanatory, but I labelled it with my super sloppy handwriting for you, anyway. (Cut me a break, I wrote it with my finger. Because I’m too lazy and broke to invest in a stylus.)


–Look! If you scroll down, you can click and look at my most recent posts (please do, this blog brings me validation), and click and look at all my comments (why you’d want to do that is beyond me, but I don’t know you, do what you want).


–Keep scrolling, and there’s my archives! ARCHIVES! That means EVERY SINGLE POST EVER EVER CREATED! Started way back in July of ’15. Ah, good times. (Ignore the “Categories” tab, that’s just WordPress telling me that I’m lazy and don’t categorize my posts.)


–“Meta” is just a fancy name for “Look At all the Technological Stuff That Has To Do With This Blog.” The only thing that really matters here is the third tab down. It says Entries RSS. You might see it boxed it red, with the very valuable information scribbled that THAT’S HOW YOU SUBSCRIBE, AND RECIEVE EMAILS EVERY TIME I POST. Just so you know. (You can also, directly under that, subscribe to the comments. Again, no idea why you’d want that, but if you want to, I won’t–and can’t–stop you.)


–Keep scrolling, and you’ll see … blog posts …


–More blog posts …


–More blog posts … and you can click that red button over and over to see all my posts.  (But just going to the Archives would be easier.)image

–Look! It’s a repeat, at the very bottom of the page, of everything we saw before!


–If you missed it up top, here’s the comments (if you want, I dunno why, though) again, and the ARCHIVES again. (Have I mentioned recently that the archives are an easy way to access all my posts? Well, yeah.)


–Look, WordPress is being even more condescending and rubbing it in how unorganized I am. LOOK! ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG AND RECIEVE AN EMAIL EVERY TIME I POST! Cool. Also, you can subscribe to the comments, again, if that’s something you like for some reason. Oh, also, directly under that is a link that WordPress has (because I’m too broke to buy my own domain from them) to self-promote themselves–it will take you to a page that you can create your own blog from. If you do that, lemme know, and I’ll come check your blog out. 🙂


–Bonus picture; at the end of every post, you’ll see all of that funky junk. Basically, the related content links are just my other posts that WordPress has decided have similar content to the one you just read. You can also share my posts through various forms of media, like my posts, and reblog them if you have a blog of your own.


So, that’s how my blog works. I know, pretty self-explanatory, but you know, there might be someone or a few someones who weren’t sure about a few things and what they were, so now we all know what’s important and how the important stuff works. Just thought it’d be good to make sure there was no confusion.

Again, sorry for the chicken-scratchy writing. I really should just buy a stylus, but you know what, I buy a lot of presents over the year, alright? Six siblings with six separate birthdays, and a tradition of getting all my friends and immediate family+brother in law+nieces Christmas gifts means that I need to be frugal(ish) with my money–until November/December, then it’s all gone.

So can I afford a stylus? Only if you want me to make people think I hate them! Well, not really, I just like to get people I care about gifts.

Geez. I don’t even know what I’m talking about anymore.

Just … I hope there’s no confusion about how the blog works.

Stay healthy so you don’t get put on some funky steroids, guys, then you won’t be this incoherent. Well, unless you’re this incoherent on a regular basis, in which case, welcome to the club, and maybe we should all take naps. And not post things on the internet when we can’t control our incoherence.

Be safe, be happy, write to ya next time! 😀

P.S. You can officially not submit any cobble comments starting Monday, so, if you have any, comment them quick, or they won’t make it in, because I’m starting to write.

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