The Empty Campsite

 “Come on, Lars, it’s time to go! I want a good spot, next to the water,” Jimmy called up the stairs. Jimmy rolled his eyes as Lars continued to rattle around the bathroom without answer. Lars was almost as bad as a girl, all of his moisturizers and skin routines. It took ages to get him out of the house.

 Jimmy went and waited in the truck for the next ten minutes until Lars slid into the seat next to him.

 “What are you waiting for?” Lars asked. “Let’s go!”

 Jimmy rolled his eyes and they took off. They were among the first to arrive at the campsite, and got the best spot. Jimmy set up the tent as Lars went off to, as he put it, “scope out the area.”

 By the time Lars returned, Jimmy had alread yset up the entire camp. “Thanks for the help.” Jimmy’s dry voice fairly dripped with sarcasm.

 “No Problem!” Lars answered genuinely, as he adjusted a single stone around the fire pit.


 Later that night, the two sat around the campfire. The only sound was the crackling of the flames. Lars inspected his face with a small compact mirror, squinting to see in the dim light. JImmy sat, looking at the flames. Suddenly, his head snapped up.


 Lars looked up from his compact. “Yeah?”

 “There were other people in the camp, right?”

 Lars thought for a moment. “Well, there was that lady at the gate that we paid the fee to.”

 “Yeah, I know, but what about other campers? I could’ve sworn there were a few other campers. Right?”

 Lars thought awhile longer. “You know … I can’t actually remember anyone else coming in to camp. It is awful quiet, isn’t it?” Lars went back to inspecting his reflection for any blemishes.

 Jimmy contemplated the flames flickering across the wood, ears trained on the land around him for any sign of life. Suddenly, he was awarded with one–but not one he had expected or hoped to recieve.

 A harsh wailing tore through the night, like that of a small child, or perhaps a cry of pain. Either way, it startled Lars into dropping his compact mirror and caused Jimmy to shoot out of his seat.

 “Did you hear that?” He whispered to Lars.

 “Obviously, you idiot!” Hissed Lars in reply.

 Hesitantly, Jimmy decided, “I’m … going to go help, I think.”

 Lars stared at Jimmy for a moment. “I take it, by the fact that you’re still here, that you expect me to go with you.”

 Jimmy winced and nodded. “Kind of figured, you know, it’d be nice.”


 “Fine.” Jimmy took of into the night. The wailing continued periodically, and he followed the sound, but it seemed to be moving farther and farther away. He broke into a run, trying to catch whoever–or whatever–was making that dreadful sound.

 Back at the campsite, Lars had retrieved his compact mirror and was attempting to dust it off. He tried to stoke the fire back up, too, but he couldn’t get it to do what he wanted. He figured he did pretty well, though. He felt vaguely guilty for letting Jimmy go alone.

 He sighed and started after Jimmy. “This is so ridiculous,” he muttered. “Shut up!” He shouted in the direction of the wailing.

 Jimmy jumped at the unexpected scream of “Shut up!” He was sure that was Lars’s voice. He closed his eyes momentarily, reflecting on Lars’s idiocy. Unfortunately, his eyes never opened again.

So, um, yeah. That happened. Not my usual. Okay, though? Lemme know what you think down in the comments. New stories, comin’ soon!

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