Clumsiness, Activity, and I Swear I’ll Have Stories Soon

Okay, so I was gone for a little bit.

After promising I’d be more active.

And post stories for you. *shifty eyes*

Okay, okay, so I may have gotten a little sick. And I might have fallen into a summer funk of “there’s so much TIME and I’m BORED so why bother doing anything?” *dramatic flop onto the couch*

So … yeah.

I started swim team, though!

…Two days late.

Okay, okay, so this was while I was sick alright? And I managed to cut a veritable gouge in my ankle the night before the first day of swim team, so I was somewhat impaired by illness and a still-bleeding ankle. (It bled for eleven and a half hours. It was impressive.)

But I’m swimming three days a week now, and it’s great fun, and I’ve reconnected with a few friends (and may be on the tipping point of making a couple new ones.)

Also! I swear that I have stories for you. I have … *counting on fingers* um, four short stories (varying in “shortness”–the longest is about twenty pages, the shortest two) for you.

It’s just that two of them are in various stages of editing. (AHEM, Mom, you need to read that one I sent you. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*)

Here are the titles, and I’ll let you try to discern what you can about them:


-“Sparky the Dentist Dragon”

-“The Empty Campsite”

-“The Incomparable Friendship of Sir Briar and Lady Eliza”

So do what you will with that information.

Stories will be coming out SOON, I pretty pretty promise. 🙂 Have funtimes until then, and I’ll see you (well, not really, but it’s the principle of the thing) next time!



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