Don’t Get Lost to the Ocean

There are a lot of things that are inevitable.

Sadness, violence, anger, cruelty, war, discrimination, and, arguably the most looming of all, death.

Aside from those, there are other inevitable things.

Happiness, peace, no matter how fleeting, kindness, openness, love, and life.

There is both good and bad. They don’t always balance each other, and it often feels as though the badness is grossly disproportionate to the amount of good. It may feel like the goodness is just a puddle next to the vast ocean of bad.

The puddle never dries up, though; the ocean’s level can fall. The water draining from the ocean can, has, and will continue to flow into that little puddle and help it grow. Is the ocean still bigger? Yes, it is. But the puddle is growing, and can continue to do so.

And, just as the bad comes with humanity, so does the good. People often fall into the trap of explaining away tragedy, horror, and cruelty as “human nature.” I do this all the time.

What we forget is that joy, kindness, and love are also parts of that very same human nature.

We cannot completely cease the horrible things happening in the world, but we can try and slow them down. Combat the hatred with love. The cruelty with kindness. The discrimination with acceptance.

As people, it is only right to mourn our dead, but we can’t let that keep us from celebrating the life that surrounds us.

Humans are flawed creatures, it’s no secret. But “flawed” is not synonomous with “lost.” We destroy, but we also build. We make mistakes, but we also fix them.

Don’t lose yourself in that ocean of bad. Try to see that little bit of good, and help it grow.

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