10 Things I’m Afraid Of

So I was home alone. Again. This week. Because I was sick. Again. This week. (I’ve become addicted to Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. If you see references dropped … you’re welcome.)

And we all know that me being home alone means there is a mixture of a lot of feelings in me: I feel relaxed because it’s quiet and peaceful. I feel paranoid because it’s TOO quiet and TOO peaceful. I feel happy because there’s just food right there when I’m hungry. I feel passive because why take the time to eat when there’s not allotted time for food?

But, as we know, I spend about 53% of my home-alone time focused on the fear portion of those emotions.

That got me thinking. I’m afraid of quite a few things. Okay, so maybe more than a few.  But the point is, you don’t know any of those. Well, I mention them, but there a several you know nothing about; and those fears are a big part of me. I am almost betraying you by not letting you know!

So, for your enjoyment, here are 10 things that I’m afraid of:

1. Heights. They’re scary. Falling is terrifying. You get that weightless, stomach-in-your mouth feeling, and it’s easy to fall from high things. And high things mean death is probable from said falling. Scary, okay?

2. Cars. There is possibility for a lot of pain and possible death and I was also the responsible one on site when Younger Brother got hit by a car a couple years ago, so I have some fear derived from witnessing and dealing with that.

3. Driving on mountains. This closely links to my fear of heights and cars. You can drive off the edge and just … just think about it.

4. Vampires. Are they real? Nope! Are they creepy? Definitely. I am scared of vampires.

5. Werewolves. Also not real. Also very scary.

6. Demons. I do think they’re real, and they are really terrifying.

7. Clowns. The makeup is ridiculous, their jokes aren’t funny, their laughs are just disturbing, and … what made them a good idea for entertainment? They’re just scary!

8. Murderers/any other kind of person that purposely harms other people. I feel like this one is rather self-explanatory.

9. Leeches. Rewind to seven year old me walking into a lake innocently, and walking out with about thirty leeches on her legs. It’s scarring.

10. The dark. When you can’t see, you don’t know who or what is in the dark with you. It’s also a perfect opportunity for my overactive imagination to run wild. Long story short: I don’t sleep in the dark.

There’s definitely more than this. I could make another post if I wanted to, but I thought this would just be a fun one-shot post for me to write and you guys to read. Have an awesome diggity possum day!

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