Mental Breakdowns and Cute Children

Okay, so it’s storytime.

I was reading through my book for about the third time–which has officially been dubbed The Psychnomast, by the way, if you want me to tell you about the whole process of naming it, comment–when I had a total mental breakdown.

I made some feral growling noise which turned into a strangled screaming sound. I lifted my iPad above my head and barely kept myself from throwing it with quite a lot of force at the wall.

After catching myself and NOT throwing my iPad, (which would have been a bad idea. Not only am I on level 126 of Candy Crush, but I have a lot of ideas on there) I gently set it down and took a lap around the house.

After finishing my rounds of the house, and feeling marginally calmer, I had a thought: perhaps, after seven months of relatively steady work on this book, it was time to send it out to get input from other people.

Scary as that thought was, I decided it was better than the alternative of destroying all my work, my Candy Crush record, the wall of my room, and my sanity.

So three people now have the current copy of The Psychnomast. Oldest Brother, Older Sister, and my friend…um, we’re going to call him Bob.

I’m very tense waiting for what they think and their corrections, but I think I needed to take a step back.

In other news, my three nieces came to visit with Older Sister and Brother-in-Law over Spring Break last week, so here are pictures of small, adorable humans:


This is the youngest, she’s four months old. If my sister ends up reading this, she’ll probably be semi-irritated at me for using this picture because “I have better ones,” but I think she’s adorable in any picture, thank you very much.


The current middle child. She’s two and adorable. Look at that face, guys.


This is the oldest, she’s five in May. She’s laying in Younger Brother’s hammock that he got last year for his birthday. She thought the hammock was, like, the best thing ever.


Alright, so there were the nieces, you know about my mental breakdown. The question today that I need your answer for in the comments is: do you want to know about my naming process? I’d totally be all for writing a post on that if you guys wanna read it.

Alright, all of you have awesome faces, see ya later alligators.

4 thoughts on “Mental Breakdowns and Cute Children

  1. Why did you not give your ‘dear, dear cousins’ a copy of your book? Huh? You know we love you, right? We are also grammatical geniuses if you need it proofread, say, 70 times? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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