Open Your Ears and See the World

So, today’s Easter! Hope you had a good one. I did. Wanna know what I did?  I saw family.

*whispers* Wanna know what that means?

It means story time!

And lots of meaningless quotes you won’t understand, but more on that later.

So, as family gatherings go, we ate all the food and talked all the talks and sat on couches and goofed around.

But my dear, dear cousins and I may or may not be a trifle odd. Just a trifle, a mere tad, mind you. Obviously.

So, though we DO talk all the talks, the talks we talk are somewhat odd talks for girls ranging in age from twelve to sixteen.

One of the first things we talked about was how I had finished a rough draft of my book. My cousins, naturally, were all super supportive and excited for me. We talked about their book(s) for a while (we’re a booky family, okay?) and then somehow conversation turned to food and then we hid Easter Eggs and then we went back inside where we started singing and wonderful things were said. Want some quotes? Of COURSE you do!

“Oooooh dude, it is so many much fun!” (That was me.)

“I would envy myself if I weren’t me!” (My younger cousin.)

“There’s a candy cane in that … thing.” (Me. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to tell when the quotes are me. I’m kind of stupid sometimes. Fine. A lot of the time.)

“Open your ears and see the world!” (Me. I can’t even remember the context, but it was hilarious. Just go with me on this.)

“Okay, so I might not have told you everything…” (Younger Cousin) “You never tell me ANYTHING! That’s the problem!” (Older Cousin. These are contained within a story they were telling me.)

“Dessert is good … for you.” (Yeah … also me. I don’t even know why I paused before saying “for you” but I did and it made it sound super judgemental.)

“Guys, she needs to stay in her range zone!”(Older Cousin. We were singing and I did something weird … long story.)


AAaaaand end of quote time!

I’m sure I could write an absolutely awesome diggity possum account of exactly how my day went (starting with me oversleeping and barely making it to church on time) but I think I’ll spare you.

Basically, I hope you had a dandy Easter, whether you really celebrated or not, and have an awesome week. No dying. Well, eventually die, immortality’s creepy, but you should last at least this week, okay? MAKE IT AWESOME!!!!

Alrighty bye love all your faces. ❤ 🙂

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