I Am Really Sensitive About My Food

I like grapefruit. A lot.

Probably with a bit of an unholy passion.

But do you know who else loves grapefruit? Why, Younger Brother, that’s who!

Have I mentioned to you that in my seventh grade year, Younger Brother and I were homeschooled?


One day at lunch … there was only one grapefruit.

This was, as you can imagine, quite a dilemma.

“That grapefruit is mine,” I proclaimed loudly, striding into the kitchen with my finished English held above my head. Younger Brother was already getting himself some food. I pointed my textbook at him. “Don’t even think about it.”

I turned and went out of the kitchen to put my book away, shooting suspicious glances at Younger Brother as I walked away.

When I came back to the kitchen, it was to the sight of …

“Hey! I told you, that was mine!

Younger Brother looked up lazily from my grapefruit that he was eating. “Oh? I didn’t hear you.”

I ground my teeth. The little liar. I stomped to the fridge and found something else to eat. I started with the second half of the grapefruit, glaring at Younger Brother as I ate it.

He skillfully ignored my rage-filled look. He got up and left for the bathroom.

I looked at his half of grapefruit. There was still most of it left. I looked at where he had gone down the hall. Then I looked back to the grapefruit. I heard the water run as he washed his hands.

I grinned. I wouldn’t be too evil–just play a little trick on him.


“Hey! Where’s my grapefruit?” Younger Brother exclaimed upom reentering the kitchen.

I smiled evilly at him. “I ate it.”


“You heard me. I ate it.” I held back my laughter.

Younger Brother stared at me in disbelief and then went over to the sink. Sure enough, there was his bowl and spoon, distinctly grapefruit-less.

“I was eating that!”

I grinned again. “Hey, I told you, it was mine.”

“But I was eating it!”

Finally, I broke. I started laughing.

“Oh, you’re so easy!”


I continued to giggle as I walked to the fridge, opened it, and removed a bowl.

“I didn’t eat it. Here you go.”

Younger Brother snatched the bowl away from me and ate the remains of the grapefruit, occasionally glowering in my direction.


True story! It’s been a while, guys, but look forward to a book snippet here soon. 🙂

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