Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day, and you all know what that means.

It means that I, who happen to be a very single person, (surprising, I know) will, if I stick to my past traditions, either be A) sitting in my room judging the world for their Hallmark Holiday and snarling to myself as I read a book, or B) sitting on the couch mainlining Netflix and ignoring the entire world until all of the pink hearts and chocolates are gone.

I’ll probably opt for the reading. Maybe I’ll throw in some Netflix, too, you never know.

It’s not that I object to nice relationships and cute couples. Or even pink hearts. And I love chocolate. It’s just that Valentine’s Day is so darn commercial. You BUY valentines and chocolates and flowers and stuffed animals and balloons and OH OH OH SPEND ALL THE MONEY ON A DATE or oh I don’t know just buy MORE MORE MORE.

It irritates me. Why not just sprinkle love throughout the whole year rather than going all out on one day of the year?

I myself am having a good friend over to my house on Monday and she’s bringing Nicholas Sparks movies and I’m making ice cream and we’re going to cry over the movies while eating delicious ice cream.

Good plan, right?

I know. So I’m going to do you all a wonderful service. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can do these things on Valentine’s Day:


1. Go the romance movies and ice cream route. It’s a good route, and you can sub in whatever kind of movie the two of you like best, even go for a different kind of snack, and it’s a suitable and enjoyable activity for both friends and couples. Like, yaaass!

2. Just tell the people you love in your life that you love them. Look at that! That’s true to the sentiment of the holiday, affordable, AND sweet. Whole package, man.

3. Assemble a group of friends and go do something fun. You could all pitch in and spend money on an activity, or it could be as simple as just walking around town and being hooligans. The good kind, of course. But here’s the catch: you tell everyone you see “Happy Valentine’s Day!” You will brighten people’s days so much. Don’t forget to smile.

4. Take a day to relax. Just chill. Always a good idea.

5. Make a Valentine’s Day playlist of all your favorite romantic songs and make Cupboard Cookies–ya know, cookies where you use all of your extra baking ingredients in the cupboard. Fun times! You can do it with someone else or by yourself, it’s still fun.

6. Go out of your way to be nice to everyone.


There ya be! So don’t be like me and “ba-humbug” Valentine’s Day. I plan on breaking my ba-humbug habits this year. Do one of the six ideas I gave you! Or all of them! Or come up with your own.

Happy Valentine’s Day, I love you all. 🙂 ❤

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