Amelia Brighton, Detective

So this is the start of that Detective Story. Shall I follow through? Who knows! But tell me what you think.


Everything’s louder at night. The rev of an engine, the creak of a door, the scurrying of a rat—a scream.

My work lies in the loud sounds of the dark. The sounds that keep other people locked in their rooms, tightly pinned beneath their covers, shutting out the sounds that they don’t want to hear.

My work lies in that loud scream, heard far too loud, far later than anyone should be stirring. My work lies in who drew that scream, who uttered that scream, where that scream came from, and why that scream had been sounded at all.

My work lies in crime, despair, and death.

I am Amelia Brighton, Detective.

Decent? Not decent? Fun fact, I got the idea for this opening when I was in the bathroom at one in the morning (I was dreadfully sick) and I accidentally knocked over a stick of deodorant that Older Brother had left on the counter. I jumped and thought, “Geez, everythings so much LOUDER at night!” And then I was like “Oooooh!”

So, you can thank a stick of deodorant for this one. 😀

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