The Magic of the Refresh Button

So, remember that list of blog post ideas that I told you about? Well, I found it!

I was looking through it for inspiration, as I am woefully uninspired of late (but I wrote a REALLY good something the other night with inspiration from a stick of deodorant … long story) and I found something. Something amazing. Something I knew all of you would love to read.

I’m sure you can already hazard a guess as to what I found, because you’ve seen the title of this post.

The third-to-last idea on the list was–the magic of the refresh button.

I have looked over this list several times since I unearthed it from the fossilized recesses of my room, and I have been puzzled every time I’ve seen it.

I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote it. For a little context here,  I wrote that list of ideas when I very first started this blog–like, two minutes after I got the email thanking me for choosing WordPress–and then promptly forgot about it until a couple days ago.

So, looking at the words “the magic of the refresh button,” I was understandably puzzled at what past me had been thinking. I remember quite clearly writing everything on that list with the idea that I would write a semi-funny post out of it. But … a refresh button? What’s so magical about that? WHAT WAS PAST ME THINKING?

This is quite the dilemma. I don’t remember writing that on the list. Did I write it on the list? If not me, then who? Why would they write that? Is someone trying to get a message through to me, but I just don’t have the mental capacity to understand what they’re trying to say? 

As you can see, I simply had to make this post. Perhaps you all have an idea what past me–or mysterious stranger trying to get a message through to me–was trying to say?

What is so magical about the refresh button? Does it mean the little circular arrow at the top of the screen on a web browser, or is there some other type of “refresh button”? Could there be a refresh button that brings someone back to life?


This is serious, guys. We must go on a journey to discover the magic of the refresh button. We must solve this mystery, and put the world back in balance.

2 thoughts on “The Magic of the Refresh Button

  1. Oh my goodness… I just love the way your gears turn! I have to tell you a short story about myself and the “refresh button.”

    It was about a year ago, and I had been spending a lot of time on my computer, tablet, and other electronic devices. I was fixing my hair, and honestly daydreaming as I did so, when I totally messed up. “No problem.” I thought. “I’ll just hit the back button.” I then proceeded to search my head thoroughly for a “back button.” I did so for several seconds. I quickly realized that not every machine has a “back button,” and that my head DEFINITELY does NOT!

    I felt pretty stupid after this experience, and I came to the realization that electronics must have been literally eating my brain away. I soon after disposed of my tablet. (I didn’t charge it for eight months. ;D ) I am happy to say that I have not encountered a scary “back button” experiences since!

    Haha. Anyways, that is my experience with the “refresh button!”

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