DVDs! DVDs Everywhere!

Hello fellow browsers of the interwebz and faithful readers of my blog! (You’re the best for that second one, just saying.)

I was sitting in my room and I was wondering, “Hm. I want to do another ‘life’ post. What can I do?” Well, first I looked around for that list of ideas that I wrote down when I first started the blog. I couldn’t find it. I’m sure I will … eventually …

But I had an idea anyway! I looked over at my shelf, and I saw my DVD collection. And I was like, “What better way for them to get to know me than to see my DVD collection?” I decided there obviously wasn’t one, and that this was a GREAT idea for a post! Let’s do this!


Okay, so, as I’m sure you’ll see, this list sort of progresses as I age. Don’t know what I mean? Well, here’s the first DVD in my collection:

Mhmmmm. That’s right. Barbie Rapunzel. Got this when I was probably four or five? Still watch it occasionally. DEAL WITH IT.

Aaaand number two follows suit!

Barbie Fairytopia! Terribly written, basically an 80-minute commercial, and guess what? I still watch it sometimes!

The third one is the last one that will make you TOTALLY doubt my taste:

I have no shame.

Okay, number four is slightly better.

This actually isn’t a terrible movie. Kind of cheesy? Sure, but it’s OKAY. Spoiler alert: The two on the cover fall in love. SORRY!

Hehe. The next one. Heh.

Throwback to the American Girl Doll days! I haven’t watched this movie in ages, but I might. I might … 😀


Okay, the next one is actually a good movie. I enjoy it. If I remember correctly, it’s scratched, though. What a pity.

This is actually a good movie. I would watch it, but like I said, scratched up. Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow. After all, you know what they say! If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Though this may not have been what they were referring to. Hm.

The next movie. So many of the good. It robs me of all ability to speak english, too, apparently, so you know it must be good.

Come on. Who DOESN’T love the parent trap?

Numero eight-o!

A tad long. A tad. Haven’t watched it in a while. If I recall, though, it’s a good movie. Much better than the Shirley Temple version, at any rate!

Ah. Number nine brings back so many memories.

This movie? The actual BEST. Of course I still watch it! It’s great!

Number ten is a double feature, so really it’s TWO movies, but whatever. Both are good.

They’re both tear jerkers. And so good.

Eleven is my favorite movie of all time. It’s a classic and it will never die.

If you have not seen this movie, go watch it right now. Your life will change for the better.

Twelve through sixteen are all Disney, because … duh. I watch them all on a regular basis, so here they all are:


But, like, come on. All of those movies are good. Disney’s a good place. I’m currently obsessed with Cinderella. Got it for Christmas.

I know what you’re all thinking. “Why, what is that AMAZING background all of your pictures are in?”

Why, dearest reader, I’ll show you!

New desk! Yaaay!

I got a new desk for Christmas! It made me so many of the happy! That is, as Younger Brother so beautifully dubbed it, my writing corner. I still need to hang a few things other than the ballerina picture (that’s why it’s so far to the right and up, because I’m leaving room for other things), but I’m extremely happy with it. Just imagine me sitting there every time you read a post, because, chances are, that’s where I’ll be. 😀

Have an awesome diggity possum day! Watch a good movie!

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