Too Late, Part Two

Part Two! If you missed the first part, go here to see that. This is the fonal part. 🙂 Enjoy!


I turned and smiled at Madison. “Alright! Do you want any help with those lyrics, then?”

Madison smiled far too sweetly for it to be kind. “Not if you’re going to micromanage me the whole time, no.” She stared at me for about two seconds before I looked away. She took a breath. “Anyway, I already know what I want to do, so I don’t really need any help. I’ll have the lyrics tomorrow, okay?”

The four of us nodded mutely.

We performed Madison’s song and got an A on the project, despite the fact that Madison sang most of it and we had probably two lines. We weren’t too upset, though—we all hated singing solos.

A couple weeks later, out in the courtyard, Madison appeared before me with a guy in tow. He had sandy hair, hazel eyes, and a bemused smile on his face.
“Sarah! This is Josh. Josh, this is Sarah.” Madison turned to me, beaming. She lowered her voice conspiratorially. “He’s
my boyfriend!”

“That’s great,” I smiled. But, silently, I was wondering how long it would last. Three weeks? Maybe a month? There was a reason I’d been single my whole life—there was just no point until both parties were mature enough to handle it.
Another week passed, Madison and Josh becoming my shadow. Madison was always following me, and Josh was always behind her. I didn’t really mind … except when they kissed in front of me.

We were out in the courtyard, eating lunch as per usual. Well, I was. Josh was whispering something in Madison’s ear and she was giggling uncontrollably. I cleared my throat.

“I think I’m going to go … get my math book out of my locker,” I said, packing up the remains of my lunch. Math wasn’t my next class.

“Hm? What? Oh! Okay, you have fun with that.” Madison absently waved a hand at me. But Josh broke away from whatever riveting thing he was saying and turned to me.

“Geez, Sarah, you don’t have to be such a female dog about our relationship.”

Except he hadn’t said “female dog.” He had said … the other word. The one reserved for the jerkiest of girls. The word I never thought I’d be called by people that I thought were my friends.

I did the only thing I could think to do. I turned, and I walked away as quickly as I could without running, making sure Josh couldn’t see the tears in my eyes.
I avoided Josh as much as I could, though Madison was still around. I tried to explain to her about Josh, but she defended him and got angry at me, so I just stopped trying.

She kept making these passive-aggressive comments, and I couldn’t tell whether they were friendly teasing or awful bullying. I tried to ignore it.

I ended up being right—she and Josh only lasted a month, before it all ended in tears and flames. Until the next day, when there was a new beau.
Those comments grew harsher and harsher, and when I confronted Madison about it she made it sound like I had brought it upon myself. I foolishly believed her.

Then she targeted Amber, Caroline, and Molly.

That was unacceptable.

I told her exactly what I thought.

“You need to be nicer. I know that I might be bossy sometimes, but you say mean things. I don’t know if you mean them or not, but I think you should be more careful what you say to people, because feelings are getting hurt, and I am not okay with that, whether you have good intentions or not.”

I was given the cold shoulder for a week.

I tried to ease my way out of the relationship. She had other friends now, she could hang out with them, anyway. I wanted to spare myself and my other friends the pain of sharp remarks and harsh judgements—and I wasn’t too sure that Madison was my friend, really.

I had introduced Madison to Molly, Amber, and Caroline. Given her an opening. The guise of friendship in which to spin her web of hurt.
Now it was too late to get us out of it, and it was all my fault.

For once, it was too late to fix a mistake. So I did the only thing that I could think to do.

I turned and ran away.

4 thoughts on “Too Late, Part Two

  1. This is so deep! I am amazed at both your writing techniques and the storyline. The ending finishes the story PERFECTLY. I am so glad you decided to post this!

    Liked by 1 person

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