Behind the Writing: Reconstruction

Okay, first off, I’d just like to say that I’m nailing one post a day. Just saying.

(A quick disclaimer: the methods I use do not make me an amazing writer, and I cannot, in good faith, tell you that they will automatically transform you into one. But I find these techniques quite helpful, and I welcome you to use them if you want to, as well.)

The Writing Itself:

So,  “Reconstruction.” As this was a story completely of my own invention, as opposed to “Epidemic,” which was based off of a dream, I plotted this baby.

It has a very simple plot line. I plot with bullet points, so first, I just went through and wrote the main plot points of the story. (The virus is eradicated, Evette finds a job, Matthias is back, Epilogue). Then I went through and, under the main bullet points, put everything that had to happen to get to that main point. Quite simple.

I then started writing it out. I added a few things that came to me on a whim. After I completely finished writing it out, I read through it and edit it. Ya know, like ya do.


There aren’t really any added characters in this. I’ll speak of the new ones anyway, however minor they may be, and if you want to read about the main cast (Evette, Matthias, Jake, Aaron, and Will) and you haven’t seen “Behind the Writing: Epidemic,” you can go here to read that post. I’ll also talk about how and why the main cast changed.

Jeremy Smith: His one and only purpose is to give Evie a job. I came up with a really, really generic name, made him a little nervous (he just survived an apolcalypse, after all) and had him give Evette a job. Simple as that.

The Girl Who Taps Evette’s Shoulder: She hardly counts. If this story were to be expanded, I have plans to make her a friend of Evette’s in the prison safe house. But, as it is, she was simply a girl sent out to gather people into the gymnasium to hear the news.

Head Cook: She is also very, very minor. She’s one of Evette’s friends in the safe house, who would also be expanded in a longer story. She’s Evie’s boss in the safe house and likes her, because who doesn’t?

The President of the Safe House and later the Post-Apocalypse United States: He’s just cool. He’s a good leader and he has a Morgan Freeman voice. We would also know him more in a longer story.

(Well, that was THE most boring character section ever! Let’s move on to the main cast and how they changed, shall we?)

Evette Accardo: Evette, if you hadn’t picked this up, is very depressed for the majority of this story. Her parents died, her friend (*cough cough* Pretty much her Boyfriend *cough cough*) died, and she was carrying the enormous weight of caring for her three younger siblings and trying to do good by them. This lifts by the end of the story, with the help of being around her loved ones and having Matthias to help her take care of the boys.

Matthias Peterson: (I love this character with all of my SOUL. Just saying. He’s such a good cookie.) Matthias has changed. He’s slightly more serious, and also has more of a purpose–to take care of Evette and the boys. This doesn’t weigh as heavily on him as Evette’s duties do on her, because he believes so wholeheartedly in his and Evette’s abilities. I have plans for him should I expand these stories. Many plans. *evil grin*

William Accardo: Ah, Will. Based off of Younger Brother, William has a certain wisdom about him in this story. He has been hurt by the events of the virus, but, more than that, he has learned from them. He is sort of the cool, wise voice for Evette. He knows how hard she’s trying, and he tries to help her as much as he can, whether that be by reminding her that they all love her and want her to be happy, too, or by helping her with the younger kids.

Jacob Accardo: Jake isn’t as present in this sequel, but he’s still very important. He, similarly to William, has become more quiet and intelligent due to what he’s been through. He is much more subdued, preferring to stick to books and fantasy worlds, in case something else awful should happen. He still loves his three siblings, and does things with them, but he is still coping with the trauma.

Aaron Accardo: Ah, Aaron. Aaron is definitely changed, because he has grown from a four year old to a six year old. He is definitely more mischievous, but, at the same time, he’s a very mature six year old. He understands, to a certain degree, how hard his big sister is working for him, and knows that he has to do his best to be manageable. I would say, having been the youngest when the virus hit, Aaron is probably the least affected of the Accardos, simply because the events are more like a distant nightmare than a real event.

Other Random Thoughts That Went Into This Story:

Other than the writing and the characters, this story was really just born of a desire I’ve had since “Epidemic” to just say what happened afterwards. “Epidemic” sort of ends on a cliffhanger–we don’t know if Matthias is really dead, the virus is still raging outside the safehouses, and Evette and the boys are alone. So I decided to give them a more solid ending.

I think that these two short stories could become a rather fun book, after I’m done writing my current one. I have many ideas to complicate the plot and expand scenes–show Matthias and Evie getting to know each other more in the first safe house, for example, and showing more of the Accardos’ family life pre-virus.

But, if and until I do that, I hope you enjoyed the two stories and this “Behind the Writing.” As always, if it suits your fancy, feel free to like, comment, and follow the blog for more shenanigans. 🙂

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