Reconstruction, “Teaser Trailer”

A sort of “teaser trailer” for the project. It’s the sequel to Epidemic. It’s gonna be pretty long. If you haven’t read Epidemic and you’d like to, go Here for part one,  Here for part two,  Here for part three, and Here for part four. This first segment isn’t very long, but I hope you enjoy it.


We had been bunkered in the prison for over two years now. Nearing two and half, at this point. Us and three hundred others, give or take. A couple more each week. We sent out scouts every week, too, checking out the status on the virus.
It was slowly dwindling. But the majority of the world wasn’t looking very good—bodies piled up on the street, newer ones on top of old, decaying ones. We couldn’t risk going out to dispose of the bodies until the virus died out. It was worse than the plagues of Eurasia, in the 1500s—over sixty percent of the world was dying or dead.
We were hoping that it would all be over soon.
“Aaron, we do not throw the meatloaf at our brothers, we eat it!” I snapped at Aaron, snatching his plate away from him. Aaron was now six, a nasty little troublemaker, Jacob was eleven, William was fifteen, and I was nineteen. Twenty in a couple months.
I felt so much older. Our old lives seemed like a dream—I did all I could to let the boys have their childhoods. I did all I could, and they were still definitely children, but there were moments, especially with Will, where I could see the adult characteristics that children their age should never have to have.
We all had calluses on our hearts from what had happened to our parents and everyone else that we loved.
I was just trying to soften theirs, even if it meant leaving mine to harden into rocks.


I hope you liked it. Be looking out for the first real part. 🙂

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