Christmas Tree Tour

I’m sick, and I always have the very best ideas when I’m sick. Also it’s Christmastime, so, like, all of my posts for the next few weeks will be Christmas-y.

Before I get started on the actual introduction to this post, I believe I need to adress something; I DECORATED THE BLOG FOR CHRISTMAS. There are Christmas lights and I changed the color palette to green instead of pink and it says “Christmas” in Scrabble letters! Cool, huh?


So, my Nana has the tradition every year of sending all of us (you know, her Grandchildren) a new Christmas Tree Ornament every year. So, at this point, I’ve accumulated quite a number of ornaments. … And so have my siblings.

As such, there’s no way for ALL of our ornaments to go on the tree. But we pick and choose some of our favorites every year to put on the tree. I thought I’d show you some of my favorites that are on the tree this year.


This is my happy corner. It has the stockings, the fireplace, and the tree. I took the picture in the dark so you could see the glowiness, so that’s why it’s not in very good focus. Now, on to the ornaments!


This is my 2002 ornament. It is a snowman. He has many things. He is cute. He makes me happy. He is now on the tree. Any more explanation required? I don’t think so. I got it when I didn’t have any memories, really, so … I can’t exactly tell you about when I opened it …


This is my Little Red Riding Hood. 2003. (I’m going to try and keep these in chronological order, but some of them I don’t remember what year I got them and they don’t have the date written on them, so we’ll see.) She has been up among my favorites since I got her. I believe, unless my memory fails me, that she has gone on the tree every year since I got her.


Okay, so, I lied. They DO have the dates on all of them. I just got up and checked. Aaaanyway. This is my Irish Dancer! 2004. Beautiful. Another one that has been on the tree every single year, because I just love her. This was the year we all got Irish ornaments, because my Nana and Grandpa went to the Ireland and visited the Blarney stone.


I have a lot of dancer-themed ornaments, so just prepare yourself for that. 2005. This is my FAVORITE ornament. Again, she’s been on the tree every year. I remember opening her box and just being so thrilled; I’m just as thrilled every year when I open her box back up and put her on the tree. She’s just beautiful and elegant and I love her.


This is my angel! She’s 2006. She’s beautiful, and I really liker her, but she’s so heavy that she hasn’t gotten to go on the tree every year. A lot of years, though.


This is my dancing alligator! Older Brother hates her and thinks she’s ugly, but I think she’s funny and cute! 2010. She’s gone on the tree every year since then, 3/4 because I really like her and 1/4 to spite Older Brother.


It’s my Raggedy Ann! 2011. Hasn’t gone on the tree every year, but I really love her and she goes up MOST years.


2012. My sparkly-purple-blown-glass. I really like this one, it’s simple, pretty, and also really cool. It has gone up most every year.


2013, as the seashell tells you. 🙂 This is really pretty and, I believe, went up last year as well. It’s from when Nana and Grandpa went to Hawaii–we all got island-themed ornaments that year.


This is my Nutcracker ornament! 2014, last year. This is EASILY my third favorite (after my favorite ballerina and Irish Dancer) and I think it’s just so beautiful and cool. I’m sure it will be going up every year after this. 🙂

So, those are all of mine that are up this year, but here’s a few other Christmas-y pictures I wanted to share:


Heh. Heh. Heh. This one I just like and I think it’s funny. RUDOLPH’S NOSE LIGHTS UP. LOOK AT IT.


We made cookies. Younger Brother made gingersnaps–and, given the TITLE of this blog and the deliciousness of ginger desserts and how artsy  this picture is–I felt it necessary to include these.


So, yup, I think that about covers it! Basically there are pretty things in my house because Christmas.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Tour

  1. Sorry I haven’t been around to comment lately! I’ve been taking a little blog break but i’m getting back on the wagon. I LOVE the Irish Dancer! Your tree looks wonderful! Hope you have an amazing Holiday! 🙂

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