You Didn’t Think He Was Immortal, Did You?

So we all know that Santa’s real. Duh. If you don’t think so, get out of here. Leave, I don’t need your readership.


Aaaaanyway … so I wrote you a story about Santa. Feel free to tell me what you think. So yeah. Here ya go.



Once upon a very merry time,
Santa and his elves were preparing for Christmas Eve in the booming metropolis of the North Pole. With Advent nearing its close, the activity was in even more of a flurry than usual. The list headquarters was getting an exorbitant number of last-minute naughty and nice reports. The reindeer trainers were rushing to train the sprightly reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh, the bakers were feverishly making goodies, the doctors were fervently treating injured elves, and Santa was frantically supervising toy production.
Then, one day, everything changed. The head baker, Sprinkles, came to Santa. “Santa, sir,” the surly five-hundred-and-one-year-old elf said quietly, but demanding full attention. “We are completely out of powdered sugar at the bakery, and we’re all too busy to fetch some more. I know we just had the powdered sugar blizzard, but all the powdered sugar down here has been soiled by everyone meandering about in preparation.”
Santa assimilated this information into the countless other tasks that needed to be performed before takeoff and waved Sprinkles away with an absent, “Yes, yes, I’ll send someone to fetch some sugar from the peaks,” and turned back to the flurry of activity sprawled across his workshop.
Later Santa realized that there wasn’t an elf to spare to go in search of pure powdered sugar. Santa went in search of the powdered sugar himself, appointing Mrs. Claus in charge in the interim.
Santa bid all of his workers and his wife adieu and set out. Unfortunately Santa was too old and died before he reached the apex of the mountain. Mrs. Claus and the elves mourned him for about a year and the elves have been doing the midnight runs ever since.
The End


So, I think that was pretty freaking amazing. I mean … IT MAKES SENSE that the elves have been doing the midnight runs for ages. Immortality seems complicated. I suppose I could write a sequel about Mrs. Claus after Santa’s death, but meh. Maybe.

😀 So you’re welcome for this cheery-and-totally-not-at-all-dark story! Have a good last week before break! 🙂

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