Pros and Cons of Being a Ginger

So, I was sitting around, and I had a thought.

The title of my blog is A Dose of Ginger. But I have not actually directly addressed what being a ginger really is! Geez, I need to step up my game!

Hence this post. (Also, I believe this is my fourth post in three days … impressive, huh? :D)

SO! Being a ginger! Firstly, here is a picture that my very good friend (reads the blog and comments frequently, actually) sent to me. It basically sums up all of my thoughts on the matter.


So, yeah. That’s a shirt that I most definitely want to own.

Aaaaanywho! Shall I start with the pros or cons? I’m feeling a little glass-half-empty today, so let’s start with the cons.

Cons of Being a Ginger:

-Stupid schoolmates. They make fun of you ceaselessly, over something as silly as your hair color. And some of the things they say are pretty darn hurtful.

-SUNBURNS. I burn soooo easily. I have burned in WINTER.

-Freckles. I do not like my freckles. They’re on my nose and I don’t think they’re cute, they’re just annoying.

-The palor. I am the pastiest child you will ever meet … except my face is usually red because acne and/or I’m blushing at something stupid.

-My hair gets really hot. Like, actually HOT to the touch when I’m out under the sun.

-I can’t wear a lot of colors, because they just look plain awful with my hair and complexion. Hot pink, orange, yellow, and some shades of red come to mind.

Okay, now for the pros.

Pros of Being a Ginger:

-I get told by people at Walmart how beautiful my hair is. It’s sorta awkward, but mostly just very nice.

-My skin, though very, very white, is very nice when my acne isn’t bad and I’m not blushing.

-It’s actually very pretty, I think. It’s shiny.

-I have major bragging material. Like the shirt says. Majestic unicorn.

-I look really good in rich colors like green, blue, and purple.

-I’m walking Christmas Colors–red hair and green clothes.

So, it looks like there’s an equal number of pros and cons. Honestly, I notice the pros a lot more often than the cons. Red hair is nice, mostly. It’s one of the only features I always like about myself.

Being a ginger is purty dern awesome. Hence the title of this WHOLE. ENTIRE. BLOG. 🙂

You know the dealio–like, comment, subscribe, but only if ya want to! You’re all cool cats.

6 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being a Ginger

  1. Thanks for the follow. Back atcha! And don’t ever be embarrassed by being a ginger. My granddaughter also has red hair. Absolutely gorgeous! And freckles… Some day some young man will want to count (and possibly kiss!) every single freckle. Enjoy!

    And hey, thanks for that wonderful picture on your spider post. I hope you don’t mind that I used it for my spider poem. It was SO perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

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