I have been faced by an interesting scenario.

I have a problem that strongly affects me and many of my friends, but it’s so ingrained in the management of the facility the problem is taking place in, that it’s not even viewed as an issue.

I have thought about simply leaving the harmful atmosphere. I have seriously considered that choice, because the issue and the blindness toward the issue is just unfair. But, then I realized that my leaving, without trying to DO anything about the problem that was causing me to leave, wasn’t fair to everyone else who was affected.

I have spent a long time wondering if I should actively fight this problem, and if I decide “yes,” how am I to do it? I don’t fully understand who to go to to resolve this problem. I am scared of the repercussions that challenging this issue may cause.

But, at the same time, I feel very called to fight for this. It is on a topic that I feel very, very strongly about, and the problem is hurting me and people I love around me.

I feel … despite the possible pain and repercussions, despite the difficulty of speaking out against something that is a norm in the environment I’m in, despite the threat of cruelty and opposition … I feel it’s important. I don’t know.

I have always valued the rights and freedom of other people. I hate to see people upset and in pain, or feeling like they don’t belong. And to just leave the problem, and other people behind me to suffer while I’m escaping the problem by myself, seems selfish.

So, I don’t know what I’m going to do, how I’m going to do it, how badly it will hurt me, or even whether it will work or not.

But I really think it’s necessary. I don’t think anyone else is willing to do it … I mean, I’m sure someone else might want to change it and may have even tried, but it obviously hasn’t worked. And I think I have a unique perspective on the issue.

I honestly feel called to try and solve this problem. Not because I want to made into some sort of hero or martyr, but because I really feel like it’s an issue that needs to be resolved, or it will just get worse and make more and more people miserable.

It’s hard to explain, really. But I know that I want to try and change it.

2 thoughts on “Fighting

  1. Wow! Great post! I think that you should totally fight for whatever it is you feel strongly about! Don’t give up, just keep fighting. I’ll be praying that whatever the circumstance is, you can make a difference for good! (This kind of left me on a cliff hanger… I’d really like to know the whole problem!)

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    1. Thank you so much for the praise and encouragement. 🙂 Yes, the real problem … it’s a long story. Perhaps I will write a post about it another time, depending on how things start to pan out … but, for now, I think this may be all the blog hears about this issue.


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