Book Snippets, Part Five

Heeeey! Guess what! I have another Book Snippets! Hooray!

Okay, so here’s the part where I tell you that these aren’t in any chronological order, (I jump all around the book) but if you want to see part 1 go here, part 2, part 3, and part 4.

Okay, so, basically, what’s happening here is Jasmine has just discovered the secret plot (she has injuries from a scene that just happened. She leads an exciting life), and is trying to tell her Mom and friends. Enjoy!

“My place. Now. Urgent,” And I hung up.
I would probably get in terrible trouble and I knew it, but I didn’t really have an option. I navigated the stairs as quickly and carefully as I could and headed to my car.
I got in and skipped the paralyzation; I just didn’t have time. My heart was beating out a samba in my chest as I pulled out of the parking lot.
I came to a red light just outside of the parking lot.
“This is too long!” I moaned. I steeled my nerves. Instead of going straight, I took a right. It was time for the alternate, less controlled route.
Instead of stoplights, I now had four-way stops; much quicker. Also much more nerve wracking. But I powered through the first few with clenched knuckles and gritted teeth.
I was almost home; I could make it!
I came to another stop. There was a truck. The driver waved me on from his tinted windshield.
I pulled out into the intersection and—
The car crumpled like a tin can. I screamed. My left wrist, braced on the steering wheel, twisted and my head was jerked forward to thunk against the dashboard. The airbags went off.
I scrabbled to unbuckle and pulled the airbag away from my face. I looked out the shattered passenger window. The truck that had waved me on had crashed into me; and now men clad in black, holding guns, were piling out.
I opened my door, ditched the crutches and ran. Adrenaline muted the pain in my ankle, wrist, and head, and I just ran. I heard the heavy footfall of footsteps behind me; they hadn’t expected me to run, though, so I head a bit of a head start.
I didn’t feel any sort of Psychic activity; these must just be ordinaries doing dirty work. I zig zagged through parks, across streets, and through alleys. The number of footfalls slowly diminished. I could only hear one man behind me now, and he was gaining.
I stopped and turned around, gasping, my lungs and legs burning. The man grinned.
“Giving up?” He chuckled as he took in my battered form.
“Not quite yet,” I answered sweetly. I closed my eyes and felt my form buckle as I entered his mind.
It was a military tank. I did a quick scan of the area and turned the ignition key off. Then I left.
I opened my eyes and rubbed the back of my head where I had fallen. The man lay unconscious before me.
“Sorry,” I muttered as I brushed myself off. “But I’m rather fond of my life the way it is.”
I limped away, cradling my wrist and my head pounding. I found a bus stop, payed fare with the little change I had in my pocket, and rode the ten blocks to my apartment.
I got off and just stood for a while.
They knew that I knew. What would they do? If I denied it, would they believe me? Or would they just brainwash me and be done with it?
I shook my head. All I could do now was tell my family and hope for the best. I staggered inside. The people in the lobby gave me odd and vaguely concerned looks. I boarded the elevator and pressed the glowing three. The elevator music was irritatingly cheerful.
I came to my apartment and reached for my key, but it was on the ring in my destroyed car. I knocked. Alanna pulled the door open.
Her eyes widened to the size of saucers. “Jasmine! Oh my God! What happened to you? You look awful! Oh my—guys! Help Jazz!”
Alanna put my arm over her shoulder and Chris came over, took me from her and carried me to the couch. Olivia and Mom’s eyes grew to match Alanna’s and everyone’s mouths hung agape.
“Jazz,” Chris said softly. “What happened?”

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, you awesome possums!

8 thoughts on “Book Snippets, Part Five

  1. Wow! Extremely well written! It is so fun reading just little portions of your book. Are you close to finishing it? I look forward to reading the whole thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! No, unfortunately, I am not THAT close. I’m getting kind of–the resistance is moving along at a decent clip, let’s just say. 🙂 I’m nearing the final battle and the end, but I still need to edit and edit and edit. 😀 Thanks again!


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