New Parts of Speech!

I use words a lot. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve caught on or not, but I mean … blog, book … ya know … words. They’re kind of my thing.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that the English language is seriously lacking some seriously essential vocabulary. So, I’m hear to help you out! Here are some terms and words I think we just all adopt. Some our my own creation, but a lot of them are from the book Sixth Grade: Glommers, Norks, and Me By Lisa Papademetriou. It’s not a very high reading level, but it’s fun.

Here ya go, weirdos!

The Ones I Came Up With That May or May Not Be Original to Me

  1. Sanxhausted–the state of being sad, angry, and exhausted with or at something all at once.
  2. Sangry–being simultaneously sad and angry
  3. A Pointage Outage–when someone asks “any questions?” and you don’t have any questions, but you have something to point out.
  4. Vextration–a feeling that surpasses both vexation and frustration
  5. Nimmy Dimmy–one who has a moment of blindness or utter stupidity
  6. Sniggle–a sound in between a snort and a giggle. A kind of laughter.

Some The Ones From the Aforementioned Book

  1. Nork–one who ascends both nerditude and dorkdom; a dweeb squared
  2. Glommer–those two girls who cannot be separated at any time. Ever.
  3. Stealth Freakies–that feeling you get right before something bad happens
  4. Innosense–an innocent question used to point out that you’re making no sense
  5. Squash–feelings more intense than a crush

So yup! There’s some new words for you to use. You’re welcome. Have a good evening citizens!

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