Also, did I mention? GUYS!

Well, first off, it’s been ten–wait, no, technically eleven, because it’s midnight–days since I’ve posted! Gee whilikers, I missed you all!


Honestly, I don’t understand people who don’t like halloween. You get to make glowy pumpkins and have cute little decorations and see that cool zombie house on the street corner that gives out king sized candy bars and … what else? … oh yeah! FREE CANDY!

Not too mention you get to dress up and no one can even get mad at you for excessive amounts of glitter. TELL me that’s not the best! Actually, no, don’t tell me that, because it IS the best, and I don’t want you to get in the habit of lying.

But, here’s the thing for me–I don’t like creepy halloween. I enjoy seeing the zombie house on the corner, because it makes me go, “Yeah, we don’t decorate like that, but your festiveness brings me joy.” But I don’t like the creepy decorations like the dead girl hanging from the tree a couple streets down, or horror movies or ANY FREAKING CREEPINESS. The zombies? They’re funny, not creepy, okay? Also I love that house because of the KING SIZED CANDY BARS.

I apologize for the all caps and italics, but I’ve consumed a lot of sugar today. Actually, I’m NOT sorry, because there’s emphasis being put on words and how ELSE am I supposed to show it? Exactly.


I like the cute decorations, like my pumpkins I made!


^Look! It’s Mickey Mouse!


^His name is Sherman and he’s adorable and I even made him a top hat!

See? Cute, not creepy. And yet, distincty halloween-y, huh? YUP.

And little lights with witch hats or eyeballs or any of that is cute too.

I can handle a little bit of creepiness; English Class today–well, TECHNICALLY yesterday–for example: Mr. C had a fog machine and a Chucky doll (the only ginger who isn’t at least a little bit cool) and a skeleton and creepy music and the original Dracula movie playing and we wrote horror stories by passing it around and each of us writing a sentence and we were allowed to eat AS MUCH CANDY AS WE WANTED. Yeah… English class made my day.

But that wasn’t even that creepy. Creepy like death and torture creepy? ME NO LIKEY.         (<—-that is now proper English because it’s published on the internet. Make a note of it, everyone.)

So, to sum up, I guess, because I should probably stop because all this is is me being hopped up on sugar and rambling about how cute is better than creepy for halloween, I love halloween but … well, as I’ve said approximately 180,003,874 (I just randomly hit the number keys) times, cute is better than creepy. So there.

OH! ALSO! I have to tell you who I’m dressing up as! I’m being Merida, from Brave, because … you know … ginger. And the only other princess movie options, really, were Ariel and Anna, and my thoughts were kind of “Well, I’m not wearing a seashell bra, and Anna is too overdone, and Merida is kick-butt,” and so it wasn’t even a difficult decision.

I’m taking Younger-er Brother and Youngest Brother trick-or-treating and using it as a guise for my own trick-or-treating. Luckily, I’ll have this excuse for free candy for a long time because Youngest brother is only three! (Almost four, by the way. Turning four on November 17, which just so happens to be when Older Sister is due to have Niece #3!)

Okay, so: halloween=good, candy, glitter, and cute pumpkins.

Aaaaalllllrighty, so, if you liked it hit ‘like,’ because, you know, it’s how I know you liked it. If you want to read more of this kind of thing (but I’m usually not this hyper, it’s just the candy, I swear), you can go right on ahead and follow the blog. … What’s the other thing? … I really can’t remember right now … *thirty seconds of head-tilty thinking* OH YEAH! Comment and tell me things!

Do you like creepy or cute halloween? Who are YOU dressing up as? Chocolate or fruity candy? Do you even like halloween? (If you don’t, I don’t know why you’re here. Like, leave me now. Wait, just kidding! Don’t go, I still love you. Feel free to not like halloween, but at least tell me why.)

So yeah! Do those things if you want to and don’t if you don’t. Have a fun and safe halloween! ❤ 🎃👻

2 thoughts on “IT’S HALLOWEEN!

  1. Awesome! You’re going to be Merida? I’m so excited! I’m going as Belle from Once Upon a Time (or from Beauty and the Beast if you don’t know what that is) 😉 Happy Halloween all! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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