Ballet is Not for the Weak

I do ballet.

Sh! Bup-bup-bup! Shhhhhh!

I am well aware of the misconceptions associated with ballet. If you haven’t ever done it, or no one has explained it to you, allow me the honor.

Ballet 101

Okay, here’s the deal: ballet makes you do unnatural things with your body. Most people don’t turn on their toes or do the splits or bend themselves in half. It’s not a natural thing for most people.

It also takes years of training and uncomfortableness. (Is uncomfortableness a word? Well, it is now.) People who can’t take it just don’t do it; because, let’s face it, it hurts. Ankles, shins, toes, knees … it’s hard on them.

Ballet is most certainly NOT just girly girls dressed in pink walking on their tippy-toes. And never make the mistake of thinking it is easy; we just make it LOOK easy on stage (if we do what we’re supposed to).

So I hope you have a better understanding of the truth of ballet. It is not for sissies and it’s not easy.

Mostly I’m telling this to you because … well, actually, firstly because people need to know. Secondly … I’m going on pointe!!!!

Going on pointe is a big deal in the ballet world. It means you go from this shoe:


To this shoe:



I am so excited! I’m getting fitted for shoes this Saturday and we’re starting dance with them next week. Wish me luck! (I. Am. So. Excited! 😀)

2 thoughts on “Ballet is Not for the Weak

  1. I am so happy for you! I always wanted to go on pointe, and I was almost there when I quit, but I didn’t get to. Congrats to you!

    Oh, and I totally agree that ballet takes serious strength and coordination!

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