Things I Never Thought I’d Hear

I know I say it almost every post, but remember how I have a large family?

“Yes, we remember.”

Oh. Good! What about how everyone I surround myself with, and myself, are weird?

“We read your blog … how could we forget?”

Fair point, fair point.

Well, these things being as they are, I have heard some … weird … things in my time here on earth. Shall I tell you some of these things? Should I? Shall I? I think I shall!

Here goes it.

  1. “UGH why won’t he just DIE already?” (This was referring to a videogame. I don’t hang out with murderers).
  2. “Just give him his pants back, already!”
  3. “I really, really, really, REALLY want to die!” (We were writing our own short tragedy play in Drama class. Again, please don’t freak out).
  4. “Can we be eaten by dinosaurs?” (Same play).
  5. “Don’t sit on your brother’s head!”
  6. “The second suicide had been cut due to time limit.” (Yeah … the short tragedy again …)
  7. “Do. Not. Mess. With. My. TARDIS.” (I’m very serious about my Doctor Who merchandise, okay?)
  8. “I’m your imaaagination!” (Long story. Maybe I’ll tell you later).
  9. “Yes, I did steal your grapefruit.” (Another long story).
  10. “You did NOT just cheat on her! Oh, wait … is that a shotgun? OMG IT IS! NO! Wait, now she’s cheating on him AFTER she murdered him? Geez, this is messed up!” (Drama is a weird class).
  11. “I really like cilantro.”
  12. “Is a century one hundred years?” (I mostly included this one because I found it hilarious that we needed to establish this fact in class the other day).
  13. “My gosh, Odysseus really DOES sleep with everyone!”
  14. “No, don’t take off his hands! Buddy, if you want to put a hat on him, you need to put his head back.” (Aren’t legos the best?)
  15. “I NEED THE SPAGHETTI NOODLES FOR SCHOOL!” (My English class is the best class in the entire world).

So yeah! I’m certain there’s more, but these are the ones that sprang immediately to mind. There are some others that I didn’t want to include because they’re … erm … embarrassing, but mayhaps I shall share them with you at a later date!

We’ll see. 😀

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