“A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes.”–Cinderella

So remember that one time I wrote a story about a dream I had where there was a zombie apocalypse and then I named that story “Epidemic” and I posted it on here for you to read? Yeah, me too!

Well, I was thinking today (crazy, right?) and I was all like “I have weird dreams!”

But seriously.

Not only are they crazy, they’re really vivid. You can’t even comprehend the amount of vividness that is in my dreams, they’re so vivid.

The zombie one, for instance. Or, more recently: last night I dreamt that I was in a play, but we only rehearsed for one day before we put it on. There was this one scene I was in where the other actors in the scene and I had to be triangles, and to get across the stage we were flopping around because that’s how triangles would get around. Obviously.

That’s not even the entire dream, but I don’t want to completely convince you that I’m insane, so I’m going to ommit some of the details.

I still remember some of the dreams I had as a four- and five-year-old, too. There were some nightmare doozies in there. In one of them, my cousin turned into a green monster (with freckles) and stole my bed, and then she tried to kill me. It was pretty intense.

I don’t understand why I have such vivid dreams, and so often; I think part of it may just be that I think about weird things a lot, so when I go to sleep my brain just keeps on doing what it does.

I also think it might be because I’m creative. I don’t mean to boast or anything, but I’m a decently creative person. I don’t think I could be a writer and not be creative. Everyone has at least a little creativity in them. I just think that, perhaps, I allow my creativity to run wild more than other people do, and that results in vivid and odd dreams.

It could also just be that no one else talks about their weird dreams, but eh. I just embrace the oddities.

Having vivid dreams isn’t at all bad, though, in my opinion.

Just look at what I’ve been posting for the last week! “Epidemic” came from a vivid dream, and you all seem to like it, and I do like it.

I’ve gotten a few story ideas from dreams. I haven’t written all of those stories out, but I’ve started many from those dreams, and I suspect that something will come from them eventually.

Dreams also make for an interesting night’s sleep, and an interesting conversation when you wake up. When I have a particularly provoking dream, I almost always talk about it with either my family or friends the next morning. Usually that turns into a conversation about what the dream could mean, what I could do with the dream, or even just how weird, scary, or awesome the dream was.

I think dreams are a huge part of who we, as people, are. They give us glimpses of our innermost selves, the people we sometimes won’t even show to ourselves.

Dreams are our minds working while we sleep. Dreams are our entire personality, our feelings from the previous day, our frustrations and joys, the people we love and the people we hate.

As much as some might not want to admit it, our dreams are us. 

And, personally, I embrace that. I take every dream as it comes, and I learn from it what I can. Whether it terrified me, made me laugh, or made me just scratch my head, I use it. I write a story, talk about it, or just take a lesson away from it.

I’m happy to have my vivid, strange, beautiful dreams. Other people might think that’s weird, but guess what? I’m gonna keep living the dream.

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