Autocorrect is My Inspiration

So I was texting one of my friends, because that’s what I do, and I was trying to say “seriously,” but autocorrect changed it to “riot sly.” I was all like, “Hey, riots aren’t very sly.” And then I was like, “You know what, I’m going to MAKE riots sly!” So then I wrote a story.

Once upon a time, there was a village of mutes. They were ruled by a terrible and violent tyrant, Emperor Badleider. Though he and everyone of the village was a mute, the Emperor’s terrible tortures had ways of making you scream. Finally, the people had enough of Emperor Badleider’s ways; they gathered together and decided to storm the palace and overthrow him. As a distraction, they decided that a portion of their number would have a riot outside the palace gates; unfortunately, they forgot to take into account that they were all mutes. The riot, since all the noise it could make was stomping and clapping, was dismissed as a group of fans of the musicians touring through town, and nobody took any notice of them. So the assassins were caught in the palace, and put to death. Emperor Badleider ruled a for the rest of his life, cruelly and brutally, as he had always done. This botched rebellion has been dubbed “The Disaster of the Sly Riot.”

So yeah. You’re welcome for that. Little did you know, autocorrect is the mother of all creativity. I know that this isn’t a completely accurate use of the word “sly,” but I thought it was kind of funny, so eh. You could also choose to interpret that the disaster’s been named the “sly riot” because there was a failed riot, but there were also assassins trying to infiltrate the palace slyly, so the two incidences were mixed to create the title.

But eh. Just take this story and do with it what you will.

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