Epidemic, Part Two

I wrote a story. This is the second part of said story. If you have not read the first part of said story, go here to do so.


“Happy seventeenth birthday, Evette,” She said, plopping a kiss on my head.
Oh yeah. My birthday. “Thanks, mom.” She swooped back out of the kitchen.
Aaron was the next one to wander through. I sat at the bar, spooning cereal into my mouth. “Hey Aaron,” I mumbled.
“Hi, Evie,” He piped. “Can I have some milk?” He asked, spotting my dripping spoon.
“Sure.” I slid off of my chair and poured him some milk. “Stay in the kitchen with it, please.”
Aaron nodded as he gulped. He finished, sighed contentedly, and, almost as an afterthought, said, “It’s your birthday, Evie! I made you a present!” He dashed back out of the kitchen. I looked after him, smiling.
He dashed back in, holding a piece of paper behind his back. He held it up to me proudly. “See? It’s you, and mommy, and daddy, Jake, Will, and me! And we’re in the park, having cake for your birthday!” He beamed.
I looked down at the potato people and the vaguely cake- and tree-shaped blobs. I smiled at the wide gray eyes shining up at me. “Thank you, Aaron, this is a very nice present.”
“You’re welcome.” He was gone out of the slider door now, picking up a stick out of the yard.
I finished my breakfast and got dressed.
I was watching the news again.
It had gotten out. It was spreading. It was everywhere. People were being killed by the diseased, and the diseased were dying because of the virus.
I sat there, numb, listening to the newscaster urge citizens not to panic, but please exercise appropriate caution.
Liar. You could hear the panic in her voice.
I turned off the TV.
Mom stirred from where she had been standing behind me. “I need to run to the store, Evie. I’ll be back soon. What ice cream do you want?”
I shrugged. “Vanilla. Be careful, mom.”
“I will.”
That night, we had chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, and I opened a couple gifts. I went to bed. We left the TV off; we didn’t need to hear about the Zombie Virus.
I was starting to agree with mom; if we just ignored it, it wouldn’t affect us.
I mechanically went through school the next week, taking notes and skimming textbooks. When I got home on Friday, the first thing I did was shut the doors to the TV cabinet.
When mom got home, she looked exhausted.
“Long week?” I asked, handing Aaron a piece of cheese.
“I’m feeling pretty sick, actually. I’m going to go lay down.”
I watched mom go to her room concernedly. I noticed that she was scratching at a spot on her arm.
I shook my head and continued helping Aaron pack himself a lunch for tomorrow.
I knocked again on mom’s and dad’s door. “Guys, come on! It’s my noon. You weren’t responding this morning. Are you okay?”
“I think your mom has gotten me sick,” I heard dad’s voice grunt from beyond the door.
I started to panic. “Open the door, dad!”
“Open the door!”
There were shuffling footsteps and the latch clicked open. The door opened a crack.
Dad’s skin was dry; so dry it was flaking. I swallowed a lump that was rising in my throat.
“Dad,” I whispered. “Go lie down, please.”
Dad’s eyes were unfocused. He nodded and went back to bed. Mom lay in her spot, unmoving.
I went into the room cautiously. “Mom?”
She didn’t answer.
“Mom! Mom, wake up!” Her skin was also terribly flaky. She opened her eyes a crack, and I held in a sob.
My fears were affirmed. Her blue irises were clouding over.
She and dad were infected.

Ooooh buddy!

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