Epidemic, Part One

Hey there my dear, dear readers!

Guess what I’ve done! No, really, guess.

You probably didn’t even have to guess because of the title; I’ve written you a story! It’s probably going to be a three- or maybe even four-parter. It’s pretty long. Not REALLY long, but pretty decent for a short story.

Do enjoy this first part!

I stared into the clouded eyes of my parents. The gun I held out in front of me trembled.
It’s not them, I reminded myself.
Tears spilled out of my eyes as I fired one bullet, then another. My mom and dad lay dead before me. And I had put them there.

Eighteen Days Earlier

“The virus is of unknown origin. The patients are currently quarantined, and are contained in only a few cities around the world. We urge citizens not to worry, but report to a local doctor or government official if someone displays the first symptoms of the virus: dry, flaky skin, and clouding of the irises. Doctors speculate … ”
The tinny voice blared from the TV. It wasn’t often that my family was this riveted to the news. But, since the virus had broken out several weeks ago, we rarely played anything else.
They were calling it the “Zombie Virus.” Not because it literally turned people into zombies; because the virus ate away at your brain, robbing you of all personality and rationality and replacing it with rage and bloodlust, then killing you.
Very zombie-like, I had to agree.
Mom shook her head and clicked the TV off. “This freaks me out. I’d rather not watch it.”
I sighed, and my dad looked at her sideways.
“Great plan, dear. Just ignore it and it won’t be an issue.”
“Seems to be working well for me so far,” she replied primly.
I shook my head. Sarcasm and passive-aggressivity definitely ran in the family. A door creaked in the hallway. Mom, dad, and I shared a glance and a silently asked question: who was awake? One of the older boys, or Aaron?
“Mom?” The soft, wheedling voice came from the hall. Not Aaron, then, but the second-youngest; Jake.
“What?” Mom replied, the faintest note of weary irritation lacing her words.
“I have a stomach ache.”
I rolled my eyes. Jake probably just wanted an excuse to be out of bed. “Take a tums and go to bed,” I called, irritated.
“Evette,” snapped mom, smacking me on the head with a magazine. She turned her head to the hallway. “Take a tums and go to bed.”
“I literally just said that,” I muttered.
We heard Jake rifling through drawers in the bathroom. It stopped ,there was a rattling as he opened the bottle, removed a chalky tablet, and another rattle as he replaced the lid.
A beat of silence.
“Goodnight,” he called from the doorway of his room.
My parents automatically responded. “Goodnight.”
“Good riddance.” I hardly spoke the words as I ground my teeth. That child could really grate on my nerves.
My mother turned to me. Her face was calm, but there was a shining glint of temper in her eyes. “Evette,” she said, “how many times do I have to tell you to be nicer to your brother?”
“At least once more.”
“Evette! I’m serious. Be nice.”
I snarled exasperatedly. “He’s such a suck up! You don’t see it, Mom, but he’s a huge brat when you’re not around. His entire mannerisms change when you’re here. His voice goes up an octave and he says everything in that stupid baby voice–”
“I don’t care. You’re not perfect either. Be. Nice.”
I stood abruptly. “Good night.” I stalked to my room and only just refrained from slamming the door. I kicked off my shoes and laid on my bed, fuming.
It was true! He was a brat, and he was completely under their radar. It didn’t help that they completely catered to Aaron’s every whim because he was only three. Sometimes it really got on my nerves.
I sighed and closed my eyes. Soon the world faded to black.

I woke up to a screaming fight. That’d be Jake and William, then. I swung open my door to the brawling brothers.
“What are you doing?” I yelled above the commotion.
“William randomly attacked me!” Screamed Jake, clawing at William’s arm.
“It wasn’t random! You hit me because I wouldn’t let you play on the computer!”
“No, I didn’t, you ran into my arm!”
“That is so–”
I whistled loudly. “Shut up!”
They shut up.
“Okay. Will.”
William looked at me.
“Share with Jake. Got it?” Will nodded. “Jacob. Do not manhandle your older brother. Understand?”
Jake looked off to the side. I grabbed his arm.
“I asked you if you understood.”
Jake nodded reluctantly.
“Good.” I released his arm and walked past them to the kitchen. As I was pouring my cereal, my mom walked into the kitchen.

So there’s the first part! Do feel free to comment telling me what you think, like this post, and follow the blog if you’re so inclined. 🙂 Be looking for the second part here pretty soon.

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