Bob ‘n’ Weave!

I’m short.

All of the High School guys, and a lot of the High School girls, are taller than me. Some of them by quite a lot.

When I’m in the halls, trying to navigate from one class to another (I’ve gotten lost three times, one of them involving me heading into the wrong classroom), I can’t see where the heckumundo I’m going. It’s a veritable forest of people taller than me.

I also got super duper lucky and all the 6′ 2″ football jocks are in the block of lockers surrounding me, and I have a bottom locker, so I have to wait until they disperse (they take their sweet time) to get to my stuff for my next class.

There is an upside to being small, though.

I can fit through the openings that no one sees and/or can’t fit through themselves. I bob ‘n’ weave my way through those halls like a freaking Olympian. I can get to class from my locker with a minute to the bell, no problem … provided I don’t get lost along the way.

There are positives and negatives to any given situation. The negatives are much, much easier to see; but you just have to look closer to find the positives. Because, I guarantee, there are some.

4 thoughts on “Bob ‘n’ Weave!

  1. Girl, this is why we are friends! I’m the same way! Except I had a top locker last year… Anywho… there were these popular guys just leisurely standing in front of my locker, and they _wouldn’t_ move. No, honey. At one point, I complained to my friend and she walked up to them and was like, “Get the heck out of the way. My friend wants to get to her locker _today._ They moved. Thank you, Kelsie.

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