I Confused

For someone who’s pretty academically efficient, I’m confused.

Finding my way to and from places confuses me.

Recipes confuse me.

Compliments confuse me.

I get lost. Often. I just can’t grasp how to get from one place to the other unless I have painfully specific directions on how to get from point A to point B.

I’m too easily distracted to follow most recipes. I go off and do something, come back and pick up the recipe to continue from where I left off, and when I’m done I look back and realize that I’ve skipped a step and left out five cups of flour. And now the baking has gone terribly wrong.

Compliments in and of themselves don’t confuse me; I can give them out just fine and I understand why they exist.

I am just extremely confused when it comes time for me to accept a compliment.

The other day a woman I know and love very well said, “You look beautiful!” and Mom chimed in with, “Yeah, doesn’t she look great?”

It was now time for me to come up with a good response to this praise. A variety of responses ran through my mind:

“Oh, yeah, I usually look this good. *wink*”

Hmm … no, probably not. Too cocky and irritating.

“Oh, um, yeah, thanks. I, um, really like my shirt …”

No. This isn’t allaboutme.com, after all.

“Thanks! I worked really hard to get myself to look presentable.”

Too self-depricating. I shouldn’t do too much damage to my own self esteem.

“Thanks! You’re looking great, too.”

This was probably a good option. Unfortunately, my brain was in panic mode and wasn’t using its “logic” function.

Fortunately, I had enough control not to say any of the other options. I opted for a smile and a nod of acceptance.

After exiting the short conversation, I kicked myself for not telling the Complimenter that she looked great, too–’cause she did.

I just get easily confused.

Please don’t take it personally if and when I say something stupid because you’ve confused me.

5 thoughts on “I Confused

  1. I love your possible responses. I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one who runs over entire conversations in my head before I even say a single word!

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  2. I am the exact same way with recipes! That’s probably why something more often than not goes wrong! This is me being thankful for other non-cookers like myself.

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