A Post Apocalyptic Alien Invasion Is Totally Plausible

So remember that one time I told you that I was probably Neurotic? In this post where I was relatively sure there was a serial killer in my basement? Yeah.

So Dad watches this show–“Falling Skies”–and basically aliens have invaded and enslaved the majority of the child population and this one group of refugees is hiding and trying not to get captured and killed/enslaved. So these aliens have basically caused the apocalypse.

Dad is completely obsessed with this show. He has tried to get me to watch it a couple times.

I’ve watched like the first two episodes; it’s well written, the acting is great, and the story is pretty plausible.

I can’t watch it.

I think the problem is that the storyline IS so plausible; the aliens are freaking creepy, and the fact that something like what is shown in the show could actually happen kind of scares me.

Now, before all of you start telling me that I’m a weirdo conspiracy theorist, just hear me out.

The Universe is a pretty stinking big place. The odds that we are the only intelligent life is slim to none. We have explored such a small fraction of space, we have no way of really knowing what or who else is out there.

So, aliens existing is totally plausible.

As we don’t even know that they exist, it’s totally possible that these other life forms are much more advanced in technology and knowledge than us. They may have just progressed further than we have.

It is also possible that there is a race out there obsessed with expanding their territory and inhabiting more and more planets, whether there are already inhabitants or not.

Right there you have all the criteria for a violent and apocalyptic alien invasion. And it’s all perfectly plausible.

So seeing a completely plausible theory for alien invasion and the enslavement of our species’ children freaks me out. And sends my neurotic brain reeling with possible ways to terrify myself.

After only two episodes the last time I watched it, I was lying awake in the dark thinking about how I would probably wake up enslaved by an alien race with no trace of my former self to cling to.

So Dad’s in his room watching his new season of “Falling Skies” and trying to convince me that I want to watch it, because I like Sci-Fi, Action, and Adventure.

It’s true, I do.

But I also don’t like creepy. Especially not PLAUSIBLE creepy.

And that’s exactly what that show is. A completely plausible creepy thing that can kill me.

So, no, I will not be watching “Falling Skies,” thank you very much.

I’ll just wait for my new season of less plausible, less dark “Doctor Who.”

EDIT: So it was just pointed out to me how often I said “plausible.” I was going to change it, but then I decided not to because it IS so … possible. 😉

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