Cleaning the Kitchen Is So Depressing on So Many Levels

With seven people in the house, we generate a lot of mess.

Laundry, toys, paperwork, and dishes.

Cleaning the kitchen is a loathed job in our house. Partly because we children don’t do it well most of the time. (That was really hard for me to admit. I really hope you’re reading this, Mom.)

But it’s also because, any time you clean the kitchen, it gets dirty again in two seconds.

If I lived alone–or even with only one or two other people–I think cleaning the kitchen would be slightly less depressing for me. Because then, the kitchen might stay clean for more than two minutes.

With seven people, as soon as you finish cleaning the kitchen, someone walks in and eats something. That makes one more set of dirty dishes, crumbs on the counter and floor and crap in the sink.


And it’s not only the kitchen!

Any time you clean anything, it never stays that way. Someone will mess it back up and then you have to clean it all over again.

It’s a vicious cycle.

I guess that’s kind of how that goes, though. Life is a cycle.

When a day ends, a new one begins. Then those days turn into new weeks, months, and years. Decades, centuries, millenium.

It’s all a cycle.

Sometimes vicious, but with everything vicious there is also something good.

Until you die, you’re in a cycle, and whether it’s vicious or not, you just have to live with it.

So I guess I can just bite my tongue and not say anything next time I’ve finished cleaning the kitchen and someone comes in and starts making another mess.


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