Fun is Important

Last year there was an exercise my English Teacher had our class do once a week. Usually on Fridays.

He would put a picture up on the board–usually funny–and say, “That’s your writing prompt. Write me a story.”

We would then be given the entire class period to write and then read our stories aloud.

It was, by far, our favorite activity in English Class.

It allowed us all to interpret the picture differently and write a unique story, but it also gave us a common root to grow from.

Our stories could be dark, hilarious, ordinary, weird, and sometimes fantastic. They were always good, but once in a while, one of us would come up with something fantastic.

I think that exercise was a very important one. For me in my writing and just in general.

It allowed me to think outside the box, something I love and need more practice doing.

It let me use my imagination to make something.

It helped improve my writing skills, something that could always use a good polish.

It helped bring my class together even more, and I got to see different ideas based off of the same core idea. Or, in this case, picture.

I think what I liked most about that exercise was the creativity and joy it brought out in everybody. In that class, in that project, we were all united in fun and creativity.

It was really a good feeling.


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