Common Sense Ain’t That Common

(Yes, Mom, I used the word “ain’t.” It’s my blog, I can use it if I want to. Besides, it’s in the dictionary.)


You may have noticed that some people in your life are oblivious to some pretty obvious things. Things the rest of us notice by using our common sense muscles in our brain.

Do you have someone like this in your life? Think of them.

If you aren’t thinking of anyone, chances are that YOU are that person.

There are several people in my life like this. And, though I love them very much, sometimes I do get a tad exasperated with them.

Now, being a little bit oblivious isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Many rather oblivious people learn how to become less oblivious.

But when I’m standing in front of the running microwave, fork in hand, and you come up to me and ask me “Whatcha doing?”? That’s … okay, let’s use our common sense muscle there. It’s pretty obvious what I’m doing.

Now, some of you may be thinking, “You silly ginger, the person could just be rhetorically asking you what you’re doing. Y’know, to start a conversation. Silly.”


There’s a certain tone and air when someone asks an obvious question to get a conversation started. That’s not what these people, our oblivious friends, are doing. These people are genuinely wondering WHAT YOU ARE DOING. There is no rhetoric.

When you knock on the bathroom door and tell me to “hurry up” and I tell you “I can’t, I’m busy,” and you ask “busy doing what?”? Common sense, my friend. What is one USUALLY busy doing in the bathroom? Exactly. Now you know why I don’t want to answer that question, especially not when yelling the answer through the bathroom door for the entire household to hear.

When I’m screaming “OHMYGOSH THERE’S A WEREWOLF-VAMPIRE-CLOWN-SERIAL KILLER IN THE BASEMENT!!!” and you ask me why I’m screaming? Common sense.

These and so many other instances are times when the answer to your question can be found simply by using your own common sense. I promise you that you have, in fact, been endowed with this sense that is so common.

It is just that some people possess it in a greater quantities than others.

But fear not, for, if you use it regularly enough, your common sense can grow! Strong and healthy. Use is to common sense as milk is to bones. Remember those words, my friends, they will serve you well.

If you have trouble with using your common sense on a regular basis, ask one of your friends with more of it than you to help you. I will help you if you so wish.

Just, please, help your common sense grow strong. It so detests being neglected. It makes it sad, and then it cries itself to sleep every night.

Do you really want to do that kind of damage to your only common sense? Nope, I didn’t think so.

P.S. So I just realized the implications of that first line. The one in parentheses. And the answer is, yes, my parents do read my blog. And Younger Brother. Sometimes Oldest Brother and Younger-er Brother read it, too. Together, my family probably makes up about a third of my views. No, I am not ashamed of this. Seeing the number of views steadily rise does wonders for my fragile ego. It’s instant and constant affirmation for my writing! What more could I want? 😀

UPDATE: So I’ve decided that “Use is to common sense as milk is to bones” needs to go on a t-shirt. With a cool font. In many colors. This must happen because it will make me so very, very happy.

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