Words That I Hate

The title is pretty self explanatory, so let’s just do this.

  • Moist–okay, do I really need to explain why I hate this word? It just SOUNDS gross! The word “moist” makes me thing of a big, stinky giant glossed with sweat. Ew. Not a pretty mental image, now, is it?
  • Damp–See above. Except, this time, I picture a giant’s sweaty armpit, specifically.
  • Impossible–There are several reasons why I hate this word; it is overused. People say things are impossible that are SO possible! Being the alien overlord of the Galaxy? That’s impossible. (Thanks for supplying me with that particular witticism, Mom). I also hate “impossible” because it is used to stifle people. Telling people that their dream is impossible? That is not okay. Being a famous actor is possible; Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t always famous. She just did what she loved and ended up having a big break. So there.
  • Yah–I hate this because it is a MISSPELLING OF THE WORD “yeah.” To everyone who spells “yeah” as “yah,” I just want to ask you: Do you do karate? Because saying “hi-yah!” is the ONLY acceptable use of that, quote unquote, word.
  • Shut up–I know that this is, technically, two words. But it’s really used as one word, so… Anyway, I hate it because it’s just rude. Not to mention overused. I myself am guilty of overusing this word, but the truth of the matter is: it’s not your only option. You could opt for “please be quiet,” “hush,” or even “would you please stop talking?”. These are all equally as effective, and substantially less rude and annoying.
  • Nevermind–I only hate this word in a certain context. When you say something to me, but you mumble, I say “What?”, and you don’t repeat yourself, but rather say “Nevermind.”? That annoys me. I am now left wondering what you said! You gave me hope and crushed it! It was no fault of mine, either; I was listening. YOU were the one who mumbled.
  • Whatever–I don’t care HOW stupid what I was saying was. When you dismiss what I say with a “Whatever”, I will feel anywhere from mildly to severely insulted.

I hate these words. A lot. I’m sure I hate other ones, too, but these are the ones I could think of at the moment.

Feel free to let me know if you do or don’t agree with me in the comments, or tell me some of the words you hate, or even just share your thoughts with me. My own thoughts get a little weird after a while.

One thought on “Words That I Hate

  1. Oh my gosh! Whatever is the WORST. And I have a friend who uses “yap,” and it drives me crazy! Finally, someone who understands! 😂

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