What I Capitalize and Why I Do It.

My Dad (<—- capital “d”) was reading my posts this evening when he called me over.

Dad: Your over-capitalization is distracting to the reader. *proceeds to point out all errors* And see here, you capitalize “mom” and “dad.” That’s wrong.

Me: No, Dad, “Dad” is your name. That’s why I capitalize it.

Dad: No, “dad” isn’t my name. It’s my title.

Me: Well, on my blog it’s your name.

Dad: No. No, it’s not.

Me: It’s my blog. I will decide what your name is on it, and capitalize accordingly! *leaves room*

I fixed all of the capitalization errors that I could see, but I most certainly WILL be leaving “Mom” and “Dad” capitalized. On this blog, those are my parents’ names. Proper nouns. You capitalize proper nouns. Therefore, “Mom” and “Dad” will be capitalized. End of story.

I may also capitalize “Sister” and “Brother” as I see fit. If I choose to make my siblings’ names “Older Sister,” “Older Brother,” “Oldest Brother,” and so on, then those things will be capitalized, as they are their names.

Period. Exclamation point!

I will endeavor to avoid all other capitalization and other grammatical errors; but the others, the family members, will stay.

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