Trouble with Trains

I had a swim meet yesterday.

I rushed my Mom out the door, causing her to forget her chair and myself to forget my towel…which is rather unfortunate…

But one thing was going right: we were doing fine for time! Just dandy! It looked like I might even be early!

We came to a stoplight, and went over to the left-turn lane. We couldn’t go; a train, about a mile and a half long, was chugging along right across our path. It was taking its sweet time.

So we waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally, finally, after about six or seven minutes, the train had passed. All the drivers were thinking, “YES! Now all we have to do is wait for the turn signal to go green!”

It didn’t. And guess what came chugging along the tracks in the other direction?


This one was also eight years long, so we waited another six or seven minutes for THAT one to pass.

It was gone. Thank GOODness.

We waited for the little arrow to turn green. It took a minute or two.

Finally, it did.

But, at this point, we had wasted about fifteen or sixteen minutes waiting for those stupid trains!

I was no longer early.

I got to the meet just in time for warmups, so no harm was done.

But TWO trains? TWO?


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