The Problem With Invisaligns

I just got Invisaligns.

All the brochures are like, “So awesome! Comfortable, virtually invisible, and I don’t get ridiculed the way I would if I were to wear braces!”   (-___-)            (<—-Skeptical face)

Virtually invisible? Yes. Mostly.

I don’t get ridiculed? …Yeah, but kids with braces don’t really, either, since having braces is so common now…

Comfortable? N. O.

They feel really weird. Very. Extremely. Odd. You can get used to that, though, so that’s not the real issue.

THE BOTTOM INVISALIGN WAS CUTTING MY TONGUE. I have cuts all along my tongue. Not. Cool.

I talk a lot. How’s that supposed to work when my tongue hurts? Singing? Yelling at my siblings? It’s hard to do all these things! And I am not okay with this!

My Mom called the Orthodontist for me this morning. Mom: Hi! So, my daughter just got invisaligns, but she’s complaining that the bottom one is cutting the inside of her mouth…uh-huh…*laughter*…okay. Alrighty. Thanks!

Me (in an odd voice, as my mouth is cut to ribbons): What’d they say?

Mom: She said you could just file down the sharp parts with a nail file. You can also put some chapstick on the edges of the invisalign. She says that usually works, but if it doesn’t, bring them in and they’ll file them down for you.

So, that’s what I did. I filed down the sharp edges and popped them back in my mouth. It certainly seems to be working…the only downside is they still chafe were I got cut. Ah, well. Beats braces.

And I still get to brag about them!

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