Middle School Dances: A Skeptic’s Observations

In sixth grade, I adamantly refused to go to school dances. In seventh grade, I was home schooled, and wasn’t that interested in dances anyway. So, this year, I had my first experiences with the wonder that is a middle school dance.

We moved; I didn’t know my new class that well. I figured, “What better way to get to know my class than to go to this dance with them?” So, I hesitantly filled out the form, slapped down five bucks, and turned it in to the office.

The night of the dance came around, and I needed a ride. I live too far north of my friends for it to be convenient for them to give me a ride, so I approached my dearest Father. Our exchange went something like this:

Me: Hey, Dad?

Dad: Huh? What?

Me: I’m going to the dance tonight. I’ve talked to Mom about it. I need a ride, though.

Dad: Wait–you’re going to the dance?

Me: Um, yeah. Mom and I talked about it. I’m pretty sure I told you…

Dad: You want to go to the dance?

Me: Yeah, Dad, that’d be why I’m asking for a ride…

Dad: Okay, fine. Your Mom can give you a ride.

Me: Okay…thanks…

I was all set! I had permission and a ride! Later that night, after dinner, my Mom grabbed the keys and poked her head into her and my Dad’s room, where he was working.

Mom: Hey, can you make sure the kids do all the chores? I’m taking our daughter to the dance.

Dad: Okay–wait, she’s actually going????

Me (yelling from the other room): Yes, Dad, that’s why I talked about it with you this morning. What, did you think I was joking?

Dad: *grunt* Alright. Bye.

We left for the dance. We got there, and there was a throng of people slowly trickling inside. I spotted one of the girls from my class and we stood together. We got to the front of the line, flashed our student ID’s in a very FBI-like manner, and were let in.

The first thing I noticed upon entering was the unnecessarily loud music.The next thing I noticed was how hot and stuffy it was. The third thing I noticed was–I barely knew anyone.

I’m what people in the social world call an awkward turtle. With new people, anyway. So, I spent the night nervously chatting with the small group I knew and occasionally bobbing my head to the throbbing music.

Is it really necessary to make the music loud enough to pulse through your entire body? And would it kill them to open a couple windows? Those were mostly the thoughts that crossed my mind.

I did enjoy all the hubbub when my friends danced with guys. It was rather fun. Someone would ask one of my friends to dance, she’d say yes, dance, then come back and we’d all chatter excitedly about it.

Oh, didn’t dance with anyone. No one asked, and on that first night, I’m not sure I would’ve even said yes.

I did end up enjoying myself, though. I even attended a few more dances throughout the school year. And, in the long run, it did help me grow closer to the kids in my new Junior High.

Final verdict? Dances are pretty okay.

But, I don’t think I’ll ever accept how loud music is at those things.

And I’ll definitely never like the song “Sugar” by Maroon Five ever again!

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