I Blog Now

Hi there!

I won’t dilly-dally with a lot of “I do this and that and blah-blah-blah.” That’s all on my “about” page. What I will do is tell you a thing or two more about my book that I’m writing, and what will (maybe probably I’m-still-figuring-it-out) go on this blog.

I’m about eighty-five pages into my book, according to Microsoft Office Word. It’s about an alternate reality where Psychics exist. My protagonist, Jasmine Evans, a completely new and unique kind of Psychic, uncovers a secret government plot, (oooh, spooky), and has to figure out a way to bring them down. I won’t say much more, as that would spoil it. 😉

I of course hope it will eventually get published, and will do everything I can to get it there, but as of right now, it’s going to be a very long process. I have to finish the rough draft, polish it, edit it, send it to some beta-readers, yada, yada, yada…you get the picture.

“What about the title?” You may very well ask me. “Why, what a good question!” I would respond. I would also add, “It’s in the works.” I have a placeholder, but I’m not entirely certain of what the title will be at this juncture. There’s still the whole writing thing that has to happen.

Oh, the blog. The blog, the blog…to tell you the truth, I’m still figuring out what’s going to go on here. The plan as of right now is to put:

1) Updates on the book

2) Snippets and previews of said book

3) Some stories of weird/cool things that have happened to me

4) Stuff that made me think or bust a gut laughing

Yeah…that’s pretty much it. I figure I’ll sort out what I’m going to do as I go along. Some of that stuff might not go on here, and some new stuff might. We’ll just see where this goes, shall we?

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